Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saving & Fundraising for Adoption

I just wanted to make a list of all that I am doing to save and/or raise funds towards adopting. As time goes on, I will re-post this list with any additions or deletions, and an update of how much closer we are to our goal ($20,000).

~ Donating Plasma: I make $20 per donation, up to $200 per month. Karma perk: it is helpful to those who have been injured or in need, much the same as donating blood. This actually hasn't started quite yet - my first donation will be on Nov 15th.
~ Savings: I opened an account at INGDirect that has no minimum balance requirements and pays interest to the tune of 4.10%. I started the account with $15, and any money I receive from my fundraising efforts will go into this account. I will also be making a small deposit every pay period, the amount of which will depend on what is left over after our bills are paid.
~ More Savings: I have an account at Bank of America, and am enrolled in their "Keep the Change" program. Every time I use my debit card, the amount is rounded up and that amount put into savings for me. Plus, Bank of America matches a percentage of the money put into savings through this program, and the savings account accrues interest (0.2%) and there is no monthly fee if I maintain either a minimum balance of $300 or set up automatic transfer of $25 or more from checking (I'm doing the automatic transfer for now, once I have $300 I will just let it sit and build up from my Keep the Change purchases - it will be a slower savings, but it will be there)
~ Interest: Our joint checking account (the one we use for bills) is an interest-bearing account. Once per month it accrues about 10 to 15 cents in interest. It's not much, but it helps.
~ Amazon: I am an affiliate on Go to by clicking on either of the links on my blog, and I will make a small percentage of your purchase. How much I make from this depends on how often people shop on Amazon through my site.
~ Amazon, part 2: I am also selling items on Amazon. Many of our VHS tapes have been sitting on our shelves untouched for over a year, and I am clearing the clutter while making a little money at the same time. How much I make from this depends on whether or not people buy my stuff.
~ eBay: I am taking steps to become a seller on eBay. Once I do that, I can sell many things that we have floating around our house. Both J & I have extensive collections of collectible card sets, among other things. Again, how much I make from this depends on whether or not people buy my stuff.
~ Google: I signed up for a Google affiliation. I'm not 100% sure how it works, but the link to it is on this blog, so check it out!

There are a few more things in the works, but this is what is set up and going for now. It's quite a list!

We have $69 so far, only $19,931 until we reach our goal!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

My co-worker

I got some good news at work - I'm doing just fine.

Here's why this is such a big deal:

I've been working in this position since the middle of July (so about 4 months now).  It was all new to me - I had never dealt with accounting in any way, and especially not in relation to retail.  It was a lot to adjust to.  I was pretty slow as I got used to it, because I wanted to make sure I was doing it right.
As time has gone on, I've gotten faster, but Kathy (who trained me) has kept telling me that I need to get faster because I'm making others' jobs harder by being so slow.  No matter how much I have improved my speed, she keeps telling me that I'm still too slow.  It's hard to deal with, because she has never said, "Good, I'm glad you're getting faster" just "You're still too slow; you're leaving too much work for Mary & Michelle to finish up."

Friday morning I spoke with Mary and told her that I know I'm faster, but I feel like I'm not good enough still and I know where I am still having problems.  That night, Michelle told me that not only am I just fine as far as speed goes, but that Kathy is not as great as she thinks she is.  She also thinks that Kathy tries to ensure her own job security by not training people well (I'm the third person in this position since Kathy started in it).  I have noticed that - Kathy has trained a couple of other people who are backups for when neither of us can work, and she trained BOTH of them better than she trained me.  I picked up a few things that I need to be doing just by listening in while she was training them.  And, she showed me about the slowest way possible to do a couple of things (I have since picked up faster methods on my own).  I've also noticed recently (including an instance just last night) that she seems to find new things that I "ought" to be doing each night as soon as I start getting finished with my work at a decent time.  I just start getting into a pattern where I'm getting what I need to get done, and she says, "You know, you should be doing this every night, too."  It's as if she wants me to look bad, so she can always look better.

Last night I was so offended, I almost told her off (but I bit my tongue just in time) because I was trying to figure something out and she said, "It might just be too complicated for you."  Um, excuse me??  This coming from the woman who spells the word "comments" as "commits"??  No.  It's not too complicated for me.  I had made a mistake on the adding machine and was trying to fix it and said to myself, "No, that didn't work, either," - thus eliciting that comment from her.  I know that I am more intelligent than she is (not bragging, just a fact) and her saying that to me was very insulting.  I did keep my nasty comeback to myself, and now that I have had time to think about it, I have a better response.  Next time she implies that I can't handle something, I will simply say that I am perfectly capable of doing my job.  That's it.

Friday, October 20, 2006

money & job

Or maybe job & money. Anyway... I'd like to find a new job. I don't hate my job, I don't even really dislike it all that much. I'm just frustrated. It doesn't seem fair to me that upper management gets more weekends off than on, and dept managers get every weekend off, and most floor people get one or two weekends a month off, but I'm expected to work every weekend??? And if I do want one off, I have to put in a request at least a month in advance and hope I get approved for it. If I don't get approved, I have to work it. It didn't bother me one bit until I requested a weekend for J's birthday so we could have friends over and I could actually SEE them, and it got denied. I don't want to be a big grouch, but if I don't get at least one weekend off between now and January, I am going to be livid. I knew I was going to be working most weekends when I got this position, but I also said that if I needed time, I'd put it in. That's annoying but okay. It's when they deny the ONE weekend I ask for in a month that I get mad. So I would like to find a new job. I am being very picky, so there's a good chance I won't find one. Michigan's economy is in the sewer after all. Unemployment is VERY high - the rest of the country has seen dropping unemployment rates, but here in Michigan it just keeps going up. Of course, that only counts the people who can draw an unemployment check. There are many more who are unemployed but have used up their benefits, but since they're not drawing the check, they don't count in the figures. I know all of this, and am going into my job search with open eyes. Here's what I'm looking for: something in an office; 8 or 9am until 5 or 6pm; Monday through Friday - NO WEEKENDS. I am sick and tired of never seeing my friends because they've all got real jobs and I'm the only loser still stuck in retail. I also need to be making at least as much as I make now. I made a comment to J that with him working, we could afford for me to drop down in salary a little bit if it gets me into a job where I'm happier. His response was that he'd love to see me happier, and working more normal hours, but if we're going to save up $15K any time soon, I can't take any kind of a pay cut. He's so right. So I need to make at least as much as I'm making now, if not more, which will be very difficult, especially in this town. If we could move it would help so much - I know of one company just off the top of my head that starts at over a dollar more than I make now, but it's over 2 hours away (I don't even know if they're hiring, but that would be easy enough to find out). We live in a college town, and there's an almost unlimited supply of people willing to work part time for minimum wage, so it's hard to find anything that pays anything above that. He's now a little worried that I want to change jobs, because the economy is so bad right now. I tried to reassure him that I will not quit this job until I have found a new one, and that since I am being so picky I know that there is a chance I won't find what I'm looking for and will have to stay with this job. He still seemed apprehensive about it, but I have promised him and I promise myself - I will not quit my current position until I have a new job lined up - and that new job must fit all of my criteria. The only thing I'm flexible on is weekends - I don't mind the occasional Saturday, but no Sundays - I'd like to start going to church again.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Donating Plasma

I'm cleared to donate!  Woo-Hoo!!  This is exciting.  It will add $200 per month to our adoption fund, making the goal of saving enough to adopt that much easier to attain!  The local center pays $25 per donation, and you can donate up to twice per week.  $50 per week x four weeks per month = $200 more per month towards our savings!  I am so excited!

I went in to find out what I would need to do to be cleared.  Did I have to talk to my PCP, did he have to sign something, do I have to submit anything?  What do I need to do?  By the time I had finished talking to the guy there, and he talked to the doctor there, I had been cleared!

They require a basic physical on your first visit (bp, temp, height, weight, general health) and the next available appointment for that wasn't until November.  So there is still a delay, but only a month!  My appointment for my physical and first donation is November 15th.  I am so looking forward to it.  I can't describe how much that money will help us out in our quest towards having a child of our own!


Just a quickie post - I found some pricing information on adopting from China today.

The one agency that I'm looking at that deals almost exclusively with China lists the cost as approximately $15,000.  Naturally, that does not include travel or other incidentals - just the adoption process itself.  But it is $3,500 cheaper than Russia, so it might be more of an option for us at this time.

A cursory search for travel costs lists Detroit to Beijing as being about $3,000 for the two of us (close to $1500 each, but still at least $1000 cheaper than 2 trips to Russia at $1000 each per trip).  Only one trip is required, which will be a big savings as well.  However, the trip does have to be somewhat long - about three weeks.  Luckily the "gotcha day" would be a little less than a week into the trip, so we would have our child with us for the majority of the time we are in China.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Money Woes

J and I discussed money tonight - specifically, money to fund the adoption. For me, it did not go well. I had been hoping that with some responsible choices and me finding ways to make a bit more money on the side, we'd be able to swing it sometime next year - late, but next year - maybe around J's birthday. Now J is saying that he doesn't think we'll be able to do it before he gets another settlement payment - which will be August of 2008. I had hoped to be well into the adoption process by that time, not just starting!

I do have a few ideas of how to bring in a little extra money. Unfortunately, it isn't much, but every little bit counts. One thing is donating plasma - there's a local place to donate and you can get up to $200 per month doing that. If I were able to get started with that, it would all be free and clear - and put straight into our savings for adoption. I'm also seriously thinking of starting to sell Tupperware. I'm still getting information on that and the decision is not final, but I am definitely leaning towards doing it. Again, all of that money would be put directly into our adoption savings. Also, it has been suggested to me that I do some knitting projects and sell them. I'd love to do that, but I'm not sure if I could sell enough to make it worth my while. I will start making some items and selling them on eBay to see how it goes. I will definitely have to make sure I don't undercharge for shipping - which is something I have done in the past.

And with eBay - that in itself is a little frustrating right now, although it's nothing that eBay has done or can do. You need 10 feedbacks to sell, which is understandable - they want to see some level of commitment. That means that I have to purchase and get good feedback on 10 items before I can do any selling - and I'm anxious to do some selling! I know that not everyone is on the ball about feedback, but there is an item I bought two weeks ago, paid for right away, received one week ago, and left positive feedback the same day I got it. So why hasn't the seller left feedback for me?? AARRGH! Every feedback counts right now and I can't afford to buy a lot of things, especially when I'm trying so hard to save and not spend. I know that I'm really impatient and one feedback isn't really that important in the grand scheme of things, but it is very frustrating.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Help from Work

I asked our store manager last night if she is aware of anything that our company offers to help offset the costs of adoption. She said that she doesn't know, but that there is someone who would - unfortunately that person is not going to be in until Monday morning.

She also said that if there isn't a company program, she would be willing to write to corporate and ask for the help for me as a type of associate assistance grant. I hadn't thought of that. She had a very good point, too - she said, "The worst they can do is say 'no'." How true. If they say no, I've lost nothing, but if they say yes, I've gained some much-needed financial help!!

I also got the impression that she would be willing to try and do something to help at the store level. She didn't come right out and say it, but she kinda hinted at it. If it comes to that, I'd have to make a big decision. I wasn't planning to tell more than 3 or 4 people at work - just those who have been praying for me for quite a long time now - and if I did agree to a store-level thing, it might become public before I'm ready for that.

I am in no way embarrassed or wanting to keep the adoption a secret, I just plan to wait until we're further along in the process to let the whole world know about it.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Adopting from Russia

I got an email today about adopting from Russia. I am all for it - especially with the possibility that the entire process can take as little as 7-9 months from start to finish! I haven't discussed it with J yet because he wasn't home when I got the emails, but here is the breakdown of how much some of it will cost:

The service fee to adopt a child from Russia is $18,500 payable to Faithful Charities Foundations and abroad in installments as follows:
1st installment (agency fees): $2000 is sent with the signed contract to start the adoption process.
2nd installment(foreign fees) $4500 is due upon submission the dossier.
3rd installment (agency fees) of $3200 is sent when referral or notification of travel is received.
4th installment (foreign fees) $4300 due during the first trip in the region and a Moscow representative
5th installment (foreign fees): $4500 due during the second trip in the region and a Moscow representative

The service fee doesn't cover traveling, home study and INS expenses.

As a baseline for approximate travel amounts, I did a search for the first week in Jan. If we left on Jan 1 and came back on the 7th, the round trip cost for the flights would be anywhere from $1675 (total for 2 of us) and up. These prices will vary a little depending on when we actually go - I'm well aware that the beginning of January is a busy time for traveling - I chose those dates based on us staying about a week but J still not having to miss school (although I would hope that his professors would be understanding). If we can go over a weekend that would help, but I don't know how possible that would be considering that we have to deal with Russian courts on these trips and I doubt that they're open on the weekends. I'm going to tell J to do his best to not have classes on either Monday or Friday, giving us that much more time around a weekend available. One advantage we have is that we can easily go to one of several airports in the state, since we have family and/or friends close to many of them. The cheapest airport will probably be the one in Detroit, and my best friend lives there; I know that she would gladly keep our car for us and take us to & from the airport.

I have no idea what Home Study or INS costs would be. I need to look into those still.

This is actually pretty close to what I expected it would cost (I was figuring around $20,000) so the amount is not a surprise.

I guess it all depends on when we would start. Sooner is better for me - the sooner I have my child the better! But we also have to think of timing, because J is in school and I have work to think about (arranging for time off - would it fall on this year's or next year's vacation schedule?) If, for example, I started it today, our first trip would be in Jan-Feb. Not only is that bad timing as far as J's schooling is concerned (both parents must travel on both trips), but having that much money available right after Christmas is unlikely (although all of our Christmas money will go towards the adoption fund). At the earliest, we could have our child by mid-April - which would mean another trip to Russia (this time we'd have our tax refunds by then so that will help as far as funding the trip goes) but I'm not sure I'd still have available vacation time to take from work (my vacation year runs from July-June).

It's a lot to think about, and a lot of money to save up. I'm still undecided as to whether I am going to tell the families now or later. At the moment, I'm thinking that I want to keep it pretty quiet until more has been decided (like where we'll be adopting from and when). No need to get them all involved from day one. I wasn't even going to tell my IRL friends right away, but as it will affect something we had been hoping to do next summer, I need to tell them that my money-saving priorities have changed. It's something to ponder.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Adopt Me, Baby!!

So about adoption. The more I think about it, the more I'm feeling as if that is the way to go for us at this point in our lives. I am not giving up on the possibility of a biological child, but I am giving up on the stress and strain of trying so hard to make it happen. I have an awesome clinic with great doctors & nurses, and I still want to complete the testing to find out what exactly is wrong - why we have had so much trouble - but since it is so far away from us, and I do work odd hours, it would be very difficult for us to actually pursue treatment through that clinic at this time. There are so many roadblocks being put up along this path right now - I just feel as if God is telling us to go a different route to create our family.

I've now scooted around on two separate websites and requested information from both. Aside from a lot of browsing of things I've already seen on their sites, I can't do much else besides wait now. After bills are paid this paycheck, I'll have to see if there is enough left over to buy ink for the printer so I can print some things out - there are a few preliminary forms for one of the sites that do not obligate you, but they do get your foot in the door should you choose to adopt through them. Both agencies I am looking at deal in international adoptions - one exclusively with China and the other with several countries.

Jon's biggest thing right now is funding - he feels that you have to have a lot of money to adopt and Lord knows we don't have a lot of money. He has a good point - with all of the travel involved, plus the start-up costs of bringing a child into our home (crib or bed, other needed furniture, clothes, toys, etc) - money will be very tight. However, I think we can do it. I will be asking at work about possible help with adoption funding (some employers do it - and I won't know unless I ask), plus once we've gotten some of the paperwork complete there are grants we can apply for, plus - unknown to Jon because I want to surprise him with it - I'm putting some money into savings on the sly - $30 a month isn't much, but it's something and every little bit helps.

I have opened an account on eBay, and once I get enough feedback (you need at least 10, it's a very new account and I only have 3 so far) I will begin to sell some things there - all of the money I get from eBay sales will go towards our adoption fund. This will have the added bonus of getting rid of some of the clutter in our house as well!


Above the squiggly is what I started on last night before work (saved as a draft). Now I have even more to report. I spoke with Jon about saving some money towards adoption, and he was all for it. This to me is a huge sign that adoption is the way to go for us. The more I research it; the more I think about it; everything seems to be pointing me in that direction. I have had adoption in the back of my mind for years as something we would do in the future. Now it seems that adoption is something we're going to do starting right now!

The Time Has Come

This has been an emotional day, and will likely be the beginning of a very emotional journey. I have decided something very important.

I can no longer sit around and simply wait.

I have done a lot of soul-searching, a lot of praying, and a lot of crying. I have reached out to friends and family to help me by praying, by simply being there, or both.

Now it is time for me to take action.

I can deal with never being pregnant. Being pregnant was never my true focus, simply a means to an end. I can NOT deal with never being a mother.

Thus begins anew the journey that began four years ago. The journey to make us parents.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I must have been exhausted!

I can barely believe it myself, but I slept ALL DAY LONG today. I came home, putzed around online a little, and was in bed and asleep by 9. I think it was actually closer to 8:30. Jon came home around 8pm, and hearing him come in is what woke me up. I looked at the clock and was stunned. Did I really sleep for close to 12 hours?? OMG.
I know I woke up around 2pm and went to the bathroom - I also decided at that time that I hadn't had enough sleep yet so I went back to bed w/o doing anything else (except washing my hands, of course).
I figure I must have been much more tired than I thought, since I slept just as deeply after 2 as I had before 2. When Jon came in and I asked if it was really 8pm, I said that it had just been 2 in the afternoon 15 minutes ago! He got a laugh out of that.
The only downside is that now I don't have time to fix myself supper, since I was going to make tacos. I'll just have to grab something in a drive-thru on my way in to work.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

not now

I had a reason to come on and put in an entry, but for the life of me I can't think of it at the moment. I'm creating an entry anyway in the hopes that it will come back to me....

nope, it's gone. Oh, well. Can't have been that important then.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Common Threads Project

It's been awhile since I posted anything, but I feel this is important.

Common Threads Project

This is something I'm going to do, and I hope others will do it as well. I hope that it spreads so that those of us who do what we can to avoid crying at the sight of a pregnant belly will be able to find each other in our times of need.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

RE appt

My appt went really well. I got to talk to the doctor, who is super-nice and talks a lot, and fast! He gave me a lot of information and went through it all, then gave me a chance to ask questions and went back over what I had asked about. He set out a plan for getting everything checked out, and I go back in a couple of months (beginning of Sept).
I had blood tests done to confirm/deny the PCOS diagnosis. This doc suspects it as well but will not say "yes, you have that" until after all these tests come back. And, he's not making me do an ultrasound at all - these blood tests are much more accurate because any woman can have poly-cystic ovaries at certain times in her cycle, and looking at the ultrasound just shows that there are possible poly-cystic ovaries, but does not guarantee PCOS.
I'm also going to have a HSG done - I've heard about it from a lot of others who have had it done, and even though they told me it would hurt, I'm not too worked up about it.
DH gets to have a semen analysis, and he was cracking me up about it. We live over an hour away from our clinic, so we can't produce the sample at home. I was trying to talk to him about it to let him know what our options are (they have rooms at the clinic, or we could get a hotel room and do it there) and he kept saying he didn't want to talk about it.
Finally I got him to admit that it was kind of embarrasing to him - the way he'd have to produce the sample. I told him what I had to do (the HSG) and asked if he wanted to trade! He shook his head and said, "no, no, that's okay." Laughing So even though he is still somewhat embarrassed about how he has to produce a sample, he's not as wound up as he was, which is good.
I love the nurses at the clinic. They're so nice, and very informative! They're also willing to admit if they don't know something and get someone else who does know. The main nurse I talked to was great and gave me a lot of information as well. She set up my appt for the HSG (which is tentative as it depends on when my next CD1 is) and gave me a prescription for Provera in case AF doesn't show on her own. That makes me extremely happy - I don't have to wait for my crazy body to produce an AF for all of this great positive motion to continue.
One thing that I was prepared for (and truly like about this clinic as well) is that it's a teaching clinic. I saw a resident (which made me think of Grey's Anatomy although he didn't look a thing like any of them - just put me in mind of the show) as well as a student who was not yet an intern but that would be her next step. Even though it means that more people end up informed of a lot more of my personal life than I'd prefer to share, I love the idea of helping others learn. I have no problem with a student doctor helping me out, because I may expose them to something they would not ordinarily see in their studies, and I know that the students are well supervised.
I don't have to wait for my next appt to get all of my results, either. I just have to wait about a week or so after each test and call. Except the HSG, they'll tell me the results of that right away. Then, at my next appt we'll discuss what all the results were and what that means for getting us closer to having a baby.
I Heart this clinic!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Well, it's official. I have Carpal Tunnel in my right hand. I don't have it in my left, which is great. The neurologist said that the symptoms I've been feeling in my left hand are related to the left having to work harder to compensate for weakness in the right.
Since the activity that is causing/adding to my problem is knitting - I'm super bummed. Bummer Knitting is how I unwind. It's soothing, the click of the needles and the feel of the yarn in my hands. I'm going to switch to crochet for a while and see if I still have symptoms. I have an afghan that I started last year but never finished, so I'll work on that.
It is something that runs in my family, to an extent. Those of us who do repetitive crafts for relaxation develop CTS. My grandma got it from quilting. My mum got it from doing cross-stitch. And I got it from knitting. Rolling Eyes
The neurologist said that while I can delay it with pain meds & a brace, I will need surgery eventually. He is sending the results of the tests and the diagnosis back to my PCP, and I'm supposed to discuss my options with him. If they do want me to have the surgery sooner rather than later, I'm going to see if I can't get them to hold off at least until winter. It may seem silly, but I'd rather have some forced confinement when it's too cold & nasty to go outside anyway.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Today's doctor's appt.

I went to the doctor today about my hand. He did a few preliminary tests, and said that he thinks that I may be developing carpal tunnel. Doggone it. Angry I don't have enough going on medically, I had to go and develop carpal tunnel, too?
They're setting me up an appointment to get nerve testing done. Until then (and until I get the results) I've got a prescription for Naprosyn (?) and a brace. Razz What a pain. (pun intended)

I asked him about my thyroid results - he said that he's pretty sure something is going on there because I'm just below borderline... so I've got a standing order to have the test repeated every three months, starting the end of July (because my previous test was the end of April). He said quote: "We're going to catch us a thyroid." He also said that often carpal tunnel goes hand-in-hand with thyroid problems. Very interesting.

I asked about the RE referral, and he had no problem doing it. He also wondered though if the insurance wasn't being too picky, because for women, an ob/gyn is another pcp. If you need a pcp referral, one from the ob/gyn should be sufficient. I told him I wasn't sure, but I wanted to get my bases covered and he said it was fine, and the nurse entered it in the computer for me. Smile
The only thing I forgot to ask him about was this marathon cycle I'm on. I'm so annoyed at myself for that. Banging Head I was hoping to get started on a new cycle BEFORE I go see the RE. Now I'll have to wait until after, unless of course AF shows on her own. My prediction: AF will show on July 10th (my appt is July 11th). At this point, I'm praying AF either shows soon (within the next 2 weeks) or holds off until after the appt. It will just be easier all around.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Kyla's Blanket

Name: Frustration in Pinks
Made for: Kyla W.
Main colors: "Bikini" and Hot Pink
secondary colors (top edge) soft pink & yellow

This blanket is called "Frustration in Pinks" because I started and ripped it out and started over and ripped it out at least three times. Then, I got to where I only had seven rows to go and ran out of not one but BOTH of my colors! I wasn't about to start over yet AGAIN, so I went with the soft pink & yellow for that edge. The body of the blanket is better, but the edge doesn't look too bad.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

I sure hope not!!!
But there's a chance, and I hope I'm wrong. My right hand has been bothering me a lot lately. It goes painfully numb and very cold at the slightest provocation. You know how sometimes if you lean on your hand it will go to sleep? Lately my hand has gone numb if I just THINK about leaning on it. Any time I use the computer for more than a few minutes - it's gone. It happens a lot at work (cash register) and while I'm knitting, too. Those three combined (computer, cash register, and knitting) are what leads me to fear that I'm developing carpal tunnel. Razz
I'm going to call the doctor's office tomorrow (I love having insurance and a PCP!) to see if they've got any openings for Tuesday. If they're not open tomorrow I'll have to call Monday. For now, I've got an old brace from when I sprained my wrist a few years ago, and I'm wearing that to knit and use the computer. So far it's helping with the computer work, although it is making it a pain to type. Haven't tried it for knitting yet but I'm going to as soon as I'm done here. I'm debating whether to wear it to work tomorrow... I don't want people making a big deal about it, but I don't want my hand going numb, either.

Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm a person too, dammit!!

I work at Wal-Mart, and I know that not everyone who shops there is going to be polite or nice. But they can at least treat me like a human being!!

We have a fence made of cinder blocks and timber railings to block off our outside area for the garden center. We pull out enough rails and blocks to allow for one car to get through into the area at a time, but not two. We do that on purpose, so people have to slow down to drive through there (there are too many people, customers and associates, walking around there at any one time to leave it wide open as a throughfare). Yesterday, this guy hit part of the fence with his truck, breaking one of the blocks and scratching the side of his truck. He didn't say a word about it until after I had loaded his truck with the mulch he bought (25 bags - I'm building muscles with this job!). Then he asked me what I was going to do about the damage to the truck. I politely told him that I couldn't do anything, because he was the one to hit it; we did nothing to cause the scratch to his truck. He demanded to talk to a manager about it. When I went inside to page the manager, he stood inside the door, grumbling. I found out later that he had also been grouchy to the cashier inside. Hmph
The manager arrived, and went outside with the customer to survey the damage. A few minutes later the manager came back in (looking really annoyed) and the customer left. When I talked to the manager later in the day, he said that the guy had been really nice and polite, and had even admitted that it was all his fault for hitting the fence! Shocked What? Suddenly because you've got a manager you're going to be polite? What's up with that?

It just burns me up that people are nasty to those of us who are the "pee-ons" in life: retail clerks, fast-food workers, etc. It's as if our not having a regular 9-5 office job makes us less of a person. Well screw that - I'm a person, too. Just because I make less money doesn't mean I deserve less respect, and I wish more people would realize that!

Monday, May 15, 2006

The cost of a new Hummer: 2 Pacifiers

This is so cute; I just had to share. Yesterday when I was at work, someone came in to buy a Power Wheels Hummer for her son. It was what he had picked for his birthday present (he was turning three).
His mom looked at the top of the box where the price was and read to her son, "Mom's cost: $170. Koby's cost: 2 binkies." Then she looked at him and said, "Can you afford it?" He said yes, so they came up to the register and she told me to ask him to pay for his part first. So I asked him how he was paying for his new car, and he held up a little zip-top bag with two pacifiers inside. He said, "I pay." I took the bag from him and it was hard for me not to tear up - he was so cute and he was trying so hard to be a big boy, but you could tell he was already having second thoughts.

It's always amazing to watch a turning point in a child's life, even if you don't know the child personally.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

And Then There Were None

That is the name of the show I was in this past weekend. It was a lot of fun. I truly enjoy being in shows, and I had kinda forgotten that. I'm so glad I got cast in this one, since I was getting frustrated with local community theatre and was thinking of not doing it anymore. There was a lot of "Please come out for my show!" and "You had a great audition!" followed by not being cast in the show. Very frustrating. I know I won't get cast in every show, but still. Don't beg me to audition and tell me how well I did, but not cast me. After a while it makes me cynical.
But, I had a great time with this show and I have a renewed interest in local theatre. I also was reminded that there are great friendships in theatre, and that I would miss those people terribly if I stopped being involved with shows.

Today is a good day because I have it off from work. I did have a dentist appointment this morning, which means that I'm now in a little pain, but nothing that Advil can't help. Smile In a couple of days it will not bother me at all unless I hit it with something cold - it was kinda big so will likely be sensitive for a time.

I took Jon's car in to have it looked at today - I took it someplace that does free estimates. It has been making a clunking sound when turning sharply. As it turns out, there is a broken spring. Luckily, we can have BIL fix it so it will be a LOT cheaper than having it fixed at the shop. The shop wanted over $800 to fix it!

Still no word from my doctor's office on the rest of the bloodwork that was done. They say to wait at least two weeks for all results - for me two weeks will be this Friday. I'm hoping to get a call soon about the rest of the results.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bloodwork Results

I got my results for some of my bloodwork yesterday. Unfortunately not all of it, but what I got was good info for me. I wish I had always gotten this much information from doctors. My total cholesterol is a little high, and my LDL is also high. My triglycerides, HDL, and VLDL are all within normal ranges, as is my glucose fasting. That's all good, as far as I'm concerned. They recommend a repeat cholesterol screening in one year. In all, it's actually better than I had expected. Now I'm just waiting for the other results (thyroid especially) to see where we go from that.

My second doctor's appointment (was it only a week ago?) was not as productive as the first, and yet it was also moreso. It seemed to go very fast, and the doctor said that he did test for thyroid and a few other things (he said he tested for things that he could change) a few years ago, but I know for a fact that the only blood tests I had were at the time of my m/c. So when would they have had a chance to do these tests? And why would they do them then? I just don't know, but he said they were done and that they came back in normal ranges.

The big upside is, they made me an appointment at the University of Michigan Center for Reproductive Medicine - one of the best in the state.

I just have to talk to my PCP to ask him to confirm the referral. I also have to find out how it's going to work out that my ob/gyn doesn't participate with my insurance! I didn't find that out until I was leaving the appt. I never even thought about the fact that they might not participate with my insurance. The thing that confuses me the most about it is this: my ob is part of the Gratiot Health System, which is an affiliate of Mid-Michigan Health. Mid-Michigan Health participates with my insurance, but Gratiot Health Systems does not. Wouldn't the affiliates participate with the same insurances that their affiliation participates with? I don't get it. I just hope that when I get the bill (and I'm sure I'll get one) that the insurance covered most of it. It is disappointing, since I'll have to stop going to that doctor and (aside from this one visit) we've always had a good doctor/patient relationship.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Crazy Weekend

My weekend was fun, but super hectic. I don't think I want to do one like that again for quite a long while.

The good part was, my friends were here to visit. It was nice to have a girls' weekend, and really nice just to see my friends. We were even able to spend time with my sister for awhile. We went to see Sue the T-Rex, which is a travelling exhibit sponsored by the Field Museum in Chicago. We'd seen Sue before, but it was neat to see her in this different environment. Haleigh wasn't too sure about the dinosaur skeletons (they were awfully large, and one looks like it might be coming straight at you as you walk in), but she had a blast with all of the hands-on stuff that was there to do. Things to play with, things to smell and move and do - it was neat watching her with all of it. I'd love to take her back sometime when she's older and can appreciate it even more. The photo is of her working a wood press.

The bad part was, I still had to work all weekend. I was at work when my friends arrived, I had to work Saturday night, and I had to work Sunday as well. I feel as if they kinda wasted the trip, because I wasn't able to spend as much time with them as I would have liked. And then there was the issue of the kitten.

Sunday morning, after staying up quite late, I was awoken by one of my friends coming into my room and asking if I knew that there were kittens outside my front window. I said that I didn't know, but I wouldn't be surprised. We looked outside and I couldn't see the nest of kittens, but we did see a couple of adult cats hovering around, so we went back inside. The mewling stopped for awhile, then started up again, then stopped again, then started again - for about an hour. We figured that we had spooked the mother and she was moving the kittens. After a time, we didn't hear it anymore so figured they were all moved. Later that day, I was taking a bag of trash out when I heard a faint mewling cry - there was still one kitten under the bushes. The discovery of the kitten caused a bit of a ruckus, since one friend decided to take it with her. The entire issue was a real problem because it made the one person a bit tense, and she snapped at Haleigh. Any parent knows that someone else snapping at your child - especially when they're not really doing anything wrong - is going to piss you off. This made things a little tense between them, and caused them to leave early as well. It wasn't the best ending to the weekend.

Doctor's Appt #1

Well, I was right. My doctor told me to stop drinking so much pop. What surprised me was something else he said. He said I might not have PCOS! I was so shocked to hear that. But I was telling him that my diagnosis was made by u/s, and he started shaking his head. He said that doctors NEVER make diagnosis of PCOS by u/s anymore! And, since the only thing I've been treated for since getting the PCOS diagnosis is PCOS, and no other tests have been done to see what else might be going on - it's entirely possible I've spent 5 years being treated for a syndrome that I don't even have! Talk about annoying.

So now I've got a lab slip to have all kinds of bloodwork done. Since my pap is tomorrow, my doc told me to take the labwork sheet to my gyn to see if he wants to add anything to it. Then, I'll go and have the labwork done Friday morning.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Been a while....

So I know it's been a while since I posted here. Things get busy and I often just forget that I even have a blog that someone might want to read.
February was a rough month for me. It probably will be my worst month for a long time, too. On about Feb 16th, Dakota (had she been born) would have been 2 years old. And I am constantly seeing children who are about that same age - it's as if there was a baby boom then and I missed it, which is very depressing. Add that to the fact that my grandfather died during Feb my senior year of high school, and it makes for a real downer of a month, even though my birthday is in Feb and even when wonderful things happen during the month (such as a friend having a baby, which happened this year).

But now it's March, and March has got to be better, right? March has its own down moments, but I think that things are going better so it's going to be fine.
Except for one strange thing - I had a dream last night that I got a BFP on two digital tests.... and woke up to find that AF had arrived. Even though I was expecting AF today (I've been having bad cramps the past two days, which really sucked) it was still something of a blow to have that great dream and wake up to AF. But it's okay. I'm going to the doctor this month and will discuss my options with him then.