Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Money Woes

J and I discussed money tonight - specifically, money to fund the adoption. For me, it did not go well. I had been hoping that with some responsible choices and me finding ways to make a bit more money on the side, we'd be able to swing it sometime next year - late, but next year - maybe around J's birthday. Now J is saying that he doesn't think we'll be able to do it before he gets another settlement payment - which will be August of 2008. I had hoped to be well into the adoption process by that time, not just starting!

I do have a few ideas of how to bring in a little extra money. Unfortunately, it isn't much, but every little bit counts. One thing is donating plasma - there's a local place to donate and you can get up to $200 per month doing that. If I were able to get started with that, it would all be free and clear - and put straight into our savings for adoption. I'm also seriously thinking of starting to sell Tupperware. I'm still getting information on that and the decision is not final, but I am definitely leaning towards doing it. Again, all of that money would be put directly into our adoption savings. Also, it has been suggested to me that I do some knitting projects and sell them. I'd love to do that, but I'm not sure if I could sell enough to make it worth my while. I will start making some items and selling them on eBay to see how it goes. I will definitely have to make sure I don't undercharge for shipping - which is something I have done in the past.

And with eBay - that in itself is a little frustrating right now, although it's nothing that eBay has done or can do. You need 10 feedbacks to sell, which is understandable - they want to see some level of commitment. That means that I have to purchase and get good feedback on 10 items before I can do any selling - and I'm anxious to do some selling! I know that not everyone is on the ball about feedback, but there is an item I bought two weeks ago, paid for right away, received one week ago, and left positive feedback the same day I got it. So why hasn't the seller left feedback for me?? AARRGH! Every feedback counts right now and I can't afford to buy a lot of things, especially when I'm trying so hard to save and not spend. I know that I'm really impatient and one feedback isn't really that important in the grand scheme of things, but it is very frustrating.

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