Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Nice To Hear...

That I am appreciated.  A few days ago my boss volunteered to bring me some books to study so that I can take the exam to be a Licensed Pharmacy Technician.  I definitely told her yes - I would love to have the certification!  I'd also get letters after my name.  She said that I had been a huge help over the weekend when we were short-handed, and I definitely proved (to her at least) that I deserved to become certified.  I'm tempted to take the test without studying for it, since I have always tested well, but having some indicator of what may be on it and what to expect is probably a good idea, so I will get the books, and I may shell out the money for the practice tests.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I wanted to make some coasters out of dishcloth cotton, because the purchased coasters that we already own were not quite up to the job in the current heat.  They'd keep the water off of the surface, but only until it pooled up enough to spill over the edge - something that was happening frequently even with my "thirsty" sandstone coasters.  So, I decided to make some coasters that could be used alone or in conjunction with another coaster.  The result is exactly what I wanted.

My set of four coasters
The only downside was that I ran out of yarn when I was working on the border of the last coaster, so that one has a different look.

Note the oddball border?