Monday, May 15, 2006

The cost of a new Hummer: 2 Pacifiers

This is so cute; I just had to share. Yesterday when I was at work, someone came in to buy a Power Wheels Hummer for her son. It was what he had picked for his birthday present (he was turning three).
His mom looked at the top of the box where the price was and read to her son, "Mom's cost: $170. Koby's cost: 2 binkies." Then she looked at him and said, "Can you afford it?" He said yes, so they came up to the register and she told me to ask him to pay for his part first. So I asked him how he was paying for his new car, and he held up a little zip-top bag with two pacifiers inside. He said, "I pay." I took the bag from him and it was hard for me not to tear up - he was so cute and he was trying so hard to be a big boy, but you could tell he was already having second thoughts.

It's always amazing to watch a turning point in a child's life, even if you don't know the child personally.

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