Wednesday, July 12, 2006

RE appt

My appt went really well. I got to talk to the doctor, who is super-nice and talks a lot, and fast! He gave me a lot of information and went through it all, then gave me a chance to ask questions and went back over what I had asked about. He set out a plan for getting everything checked out, and I go back in a couple of months (beginning of Sept).
I had blood tests done to confirm/deny the PCOS diagnosis. This doc suspects it as well but will not say "yes, you have that" until after all these tests come back. And, he's not making me do an ultrasound at all - these blood tests are much more accurate because any woman can have poly-cystic ovaries at certain times in her cycle, and looking at the ultrasound just shows that there are possible poly-cystic ovaries, but does not guarantee PCOS.
I'm also going to have a HSG done - I've heard about it from a lot of others who have had it done, and even though they told me it would hurt, I'm not too worked up about it.
DH gets to have a semen analysis, and he was cracking me up about it. We live over an hour away from our clinic, so we can't produce the sample at home. I was trying to talk to him about it to let him know what our options are (they have rooms at the clinic, or we could get a hotel room and do it there) and he kept saying he didn't want to talk about it.
Finally I got him to admit that it was kind of embarrasing to him - the way he'd have to produce the sample. I told him what I had to do (the HSG) and asked if he wanted to trade! He shook his head and said, "no, no, that's okay." Laughing So even though he is still somewhat embarrassed about how he has to produce a sample, he's not as wound up as he was, which is good.
I love the nurses at the clinic. They're so nice, and very informative! They're also willing to admit if they don't know something and get someone else who does know. The main nurse I talked to was great and gave me a lot of information as well. She set up my appt for the HSG (which is tentative as it depends on when my next CD1 is) and gave me a prescription for Provera in case AF doesn't show on her own. That makes me extremely happy - I don't have to wait for my crazy body to produce an AF for all of this great positive motion to continue.
One thing that I was prepared for (and truly like about this clinic as well) is that it's a teaching clinic. I saw a resident (which made me think of Grey's Anatomy although he didn't look a thing like any of them - just put me in mind of the show) as well as a student who was not yet an intern but that would be her next step. Even though it means that more people end up informed of a lot more of my personal life than I'd prefer to share, I love the idea of helping others learn. I have no problem with a student doctor helping me out, because I may expose them to something they would not ordinarily see in their studies, and I know that the students are well supervised.
I don't have to wait for my next appt to get all of my results, either. I just have to wait about a week or so after each test and call. Except the HSG, they'll tell me the results of that right away. Then, at my next appt we'll discuss what all the results were and what that means for getting us closer to having a baby.
I Heart this clinic!!