Monday, May 21, 2007

Interesting Dr Appt Today

I went to the doc today because it was that time of year - time for my pap & physical. Woo-flippin-hoo. And, today's visit just reminded me how much I like my doctor.

I have been spotting since Easter. Before that, my last AF was in January. Doc said two things were wrong with that: #1 I should have called for something to bring on AF after 2 months of not having it, so that I go no longer than 3 months w/o AF; and #2 I shouldn't let the spotting go on more than 3 weeks without calling to get it checked out. I did tell him that I let the spotting go because by the time it got to the point where I would have called for an appt, I already had today's set up so I just decided to wait it out.
I also told him that I don't have an ob/gyn anymore because my previous one no longer participates with my insurance, and I had to stop going to the RE because it was just too far away. I didn't mention that we were working on prepping for adoption, because our discussion was focused less on getting me pg and more on getting my cycles straightened out. He has referred me to the Women's Practice that is associated with his office - he wants me to have a pelvic ultrasound and finally get 100% confirmation of a PCOS diagnosis (I've been told many times that I probably have PCOS and that it is most likely what my problem is, but I've never been given the definite diagnosis of "Yes, you have PCOS."). He also said that my uterus is tilted towards the back - I knew it was tilted but not which direction.
He ordered a bunch of blood work today - he tested FSH and LH, insulin levels, and a pgcy test! I don't expect it to come back positive, but I almost got the impression that the doctor does. He said that he won't prescribe me anything until that test comes back - if it comes back negative he will have me take Provera to get rid of the spotting, and if it comes back positive we will go from there but we will have to do something to find out why I've been spotting so much and so long.
I'll be calling tomorrow for my appt with the Women's Practice. After I find out about my blood work, I will post how that came out.

Amazing - I thought I was done with all of this fertility stuff for a while!