Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saving & Fundraising for Adoption

I just wanted to make a list of all that I am doing to save and/or raise funds towards adopting. As time goes on, I will re-post this list with any additions or deletions, and an update of how much closer we are to our goal ($20,000).

~ Donating Plasma: I make $20 per donation, up to $200 per month. Karma perk: it is helpful to those who have been injured or in need, much the same as donating blood. This actually hasn't started quite yet - my first donation will be on Nov 15th.
~ Savings: I opened an account at INGDirect that has no minimum balance requirements and pays interest to the tune of 4.10%. I started the account with $15, and any money I receive from my fundraising efforts will go into this account. I will also be making a small deposit every pay period, the amount of which will depend on what is left over after our bills are paid.
~ More Savings: I have an account at Bank of America, and am enrolled in their "Keep the Change" program. Every time I use my debit card, the amount is rounded up and that amount put into savings for me. Plus, Bank of America matches a percentage of the money put into savings through this program, and the savings account accrues interest (0.2%) and there is no monthly fee if I maintain either a minimum balance of $300 or set up automatic transfer of $25 or more from checking (I'm doing the automatic transfer for now, once I have $300 I will just let it sit and build up from my Keep the Change purchases - it will be a slower savings, but it will be there)
~ Interest: Our joint checking account (the one we use for bills) is an interest-bearing account. Once per month it accrues about 10 to 15 cents in interest. It's not much, but it helps.
~ Amazon: I am an affiliate on Go to by clicking on either of the links on my blog, and I will make a small percentage of your purchase. How much I make from this depends on how often people shop on Amazon through my site.
~ Amazon, part 2: I am also selling items on Amazon. Many of our VHS tapes have been sitting on our shelves untouched for over a year, and I am clearing the clutter while making a little money at the same time. How much I make from this depends on whether or not people buy my stuff.
~ eBay: I am taking steps to become a seller on eBay. Once I do that, I can sell many things that we have floating around our house. Both J & I have extensive collections of collectible card sets, among other things. Again, how much I make from this depends on whether or not people buy my stuff.
~ Google: I signed up for a Google affiliation. I'm not 100% sure how it works, but the link to it is on this blog, so check it out!

There are a few more things in the works, but this is what is set up and going for now. It's quite a list!

We have $69 so far, only $19,931 until we reach our goal!