Friday, July 06, 2007

Sewing Still

Lucky me I found a new lead for my sewing projects. A cousin of my mum's has two kids who are in show skating. She is going to hook me up so that I can go to skating events and sell practice outfits (skirts mostly, but some dresses) and through that possibly get some orders for actual competition costumes! The practice outfits alone usually run close to $50 - and show/competition costumes can be $100 and up, depending on their complexity. This is a very good opportunity for me! If I can get into the skating scene, that plus what I pick up in general clothing orders will really help me to make a good argument for taking a pay cut of $40 per week to switch to a job that will let me be healthier & happier.

So far, because I'm trying to get the word out about what I do, I am doing a lot of freebies. I make something and give it to someone, hoping that that person will then order more from me and send people my way. Not much luck yet, but I have made a very cute baseball outfit for my niece to wear to Sunday's game. We're going to watch the Detroit Tigers (hopefully) stomp the Boston Red Sox. I will have plenty of business cards on me, so whenever someone compliments her outfit I can say, "I made that for her. Here's my card." Since it is a Sunday, kids will be able to run the bases after the game, so there will be a lot of kids and parents there. Hopefully I'll get a few leads!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Updating a bit

I'm a little behind with this update, but here it is in all its gory glory.

I met my new doctor, Dr. Fuller, on June 1, 2007.
I like my new doctor. She is an ob/gyn - this is the first time I've ever had a female doctor. It's a little strange, but in a good way if that makes any sense.
She wants me to take a couple of months and try to lose some more weight. No big shock there - if you're as heavy as I am every doctor you see wants you to lose weight. She also has me on Prometrium during the second half of my cycle now. That will keep me from having the marathon cycles. Whether I ovulate or not, I'll be having a more regular cycle.
I started the Prometrium right after my appointment, and was on it for 10 days. No side effects, but that was a very HEAVY period after my last dose of Prometrium!! I wasn't surprised by it - after all, my last prior one was back in January - but it was rather inconvenient since it was the worst on the day of my BIL's wedding. I hope and pray that future AFs are not that heavy.
In August or September, I'll start on Clomid and Metformin again. The Met will help with my Insulin Resistance (thankfully I'm only slightly IR), and the Clomid will help me to ovulate. I'm pretty sure that I'll still be on the Prometrium during the second half of the cycle, although I have to double check on that.

I will be having an endometrial biopsy on July 13th. I actually have to call to make sure about that, since now that I have an idea of when AF will show up, I might have to change that appointment. When I made the appt, I got the impression that if possible there was a certain time within the cycle that they prefer to do it. At that time I had no idea when my next period would show. Now that I'm on the Prometrium, I can at least narrow it down to within a few days of the end of that last dose - which actually has me starting right around the day that my biopsy is scheduled for. Probably not what they want. I'm guessing they'd rather I was in for that before I stop the Prometrium.

I am a little worried about having to possibly reschedule - this appointment that I have on July 13th was their first available appt way back on June 1st. I'm hoping that if I do have to reschedule, I won't have to wait another 6 weeks for it! When I call for that, I will also make my August/September appt. Might as well take care of both appts at once.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Interesting Dr Appt Today

I went to the doc today because it was that time of year - time for my pap & physical. Woo-flippin-hoo. And, today's visit just reminded me how much I like my doctor.

I have been spotting since Easter. Before that, my last AF was in January. Doc said two things were wrong with that: #1 I should have called for something to bring on AF after 2 months of not having it, so that I go no longer than 3 months w/o AF; and #2 I shouldn't let the spotting go on more than 3 weeks without calling to get it checked out. I did tell him that I let the spotting go because by the time it got to the point where I would have called for an appt, I already had today's set up so I just decided to wait it out.
I also told him that I don't have an ob/gyn anymore because my previous one no longer participates with my insurance, and I had to stop going to the RE because it was just too far away. I didn't mention that we were working on prepping for adoption, because our discussion was focused less on getting me pg and more on getting my cycles straightened out. He has referred me to the Women's Practice that is associated with his office - he wants me to have a pelvic ultrasound and finally get 100% confirmation of a PCOS diagnosis (I've been told many times that I probably have PCOS and that it is most likely what my problem is, but I've never been given the definite diagnosis of "Yes, you have PCOS."). He also said that my uterus is tilted towards the back - I knew it was tilted but not which direction.
He ordered a bunch of blood work today - he tested FSH and LH, insulin levels, and a pgcy test! I don't expect it to come back positive, but I almost got the impression that the doctor does. He said that he won't prescribe me anything until that test comes back - if it comes back negative he will have me take Provera to get rid of the spotting, and if it comes back positive we will go from there but we will have to do something to find out why I've been spotting so much and so long.
I'll be calling tomorrow for my appt with the Women's Practice. After I find out about my blood work, I will post how that came out.

Amazing - I thought I was done with all of this fertility stuff for a while!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Six Pounds!

In my first week on Weight Watchers, I lost six pounds!! I am so excited!!
I'm sure that a large portion of it has to do with the fact that I am drinking a LOT less soda now. That doesn't make it any less exciting!

It also means that I may already have to do an alteration on a skirt I'm making for myself! I was just waiting to have time to install the zipper, and since I have lost over an inch off my waist in the past week, I now have to try it on before I finish with it to see if it will be too big. Luckily there is a side seam that is not connected to a zipper, so if I do have to take it in an inch or two, I'll just do it on that side. The skirt will then be not quite symmetrical, but I don't really care about that. I'll be much more excited that I had to take it in!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Good Day, Sucky Night.

Today was a good day. I got up, made breakfast (eggs & bagels - yum!) and watched television while the dishwasher was running. I also found and took my photo for my 365 blog. When DH got up, he got dressed and I took him into town so he could go to a meeting, then came back home and posted an ad online for my sewing business. Within hours, I had an order!! One of my good friends wants me to make a comforter for her daughter. After picking DH up from his meeting and getting some lunch, we went to Wal-Mart so I could check out patterns and fabric. I got a pattern I liked, but none of the fabrics really jumped out at me. We came home so DH could watch the baseball game, and I went back to town in search of a zipper foot for my sewing machine and to hit another fabric store. I found the foot that I needed, and much cheaper than I expected! Also, I found a fabric for the comforter that I just LOVED. Pale yellow with cute butterflies, bees, and ladybugs. I didn't buy it yet (one of the hazards of a brand-new tiny business - sometimes I need payment before being able to even start the project) but when I came home I discovered that this same friend also wants me to make her a second blanket - this one a throw for her made out of her daughter's old baby clothes. It's a very sweet idea and I am thrilled to do it.

Tonight was a sucky night. We had decided to go to a movie tonight. DH really wants to see "Grindhouse" and I sorta want to see it, so we were going to see that since it probably won't be in the local theatre much longer. DH went outside and got into the car while I finished posting, and then I went out, shutting the door behind me. Little did I know, DH had NOT grabbed the keys when he went outside! We were completely locked out - neither of us had a set of keys on us. We walked the 3 miles to the landlord's house to ask her to let us in, only to discover that she wasn't home. So we walked another quarter-mile to McDonald's where we called my sister (an hour and a half away) and begged her to come rescue us. To her credit, she did. I have a habit of locking myself out (don't ask, I'm not even sure myself) and since she used to live in the same town, we gave her a key to our house back then so I could call her if I ever needed it; she has always had one since. She took a very long lunch at work and drove over here in the dark and rain to let us back in to our house. We thanked her profusely and gave her $20 for gas. From the walking (in terrible shoes, I might add, but in my defense I wasn't planning to walk more than a few yards, let alone three miles!) I now have a sizable blister on each foot, which makes it hurt considerably to walk even a few steps. I'm glad I have tonight off, but I have to work tomorrow!! I hope the blisters shrink down by then so that they're less painful.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Every time it snows enough for the roads to need plowing, somehow the plow manages to open the back side of our mailbox. Today it was in rare form though - it opened the front and the back, and popped the flag about halfway up. How this is possible, I'll never know. But here's the proof.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

More Crafty Fundraising

In addition to the beaded socks, I'm also selling handmade clothing. It started with some cute froggy pajama pants that I made for myself (I posted a photo and people started saying, "I want some; will you make me a pair?"), and is going to expand from there. I recently purchased a TON of cute patterns on eBay for kids' clothing, which includes popular items like pillowcase dresses, peasant dresses, bloomers, bandanna dresses, onesie dresses, scrunchies, and a lot more.

If anyone is interested, all you have to do is let me know!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Fundraiser

I have a new fundraiser! Thanks to a good friend of mine on FROGs, I am now selling beaded socks for girls. I am making them in all sizes from infant to adult. The sock pictured is an example:
This particular pair of socks would cost $5.25, because the beads on it glow-in-the-dark. Regular price for non-glowing beads is $5 per pair. Shipping is $2 per pair, 50 cents each additional pair in the same order.

If you would like to order, simply contact me and let me know what you want! I need the following information with your order: sock size, yarn color, whether you want the beads to match or coordinate, and if you want glow-in-the-dark beads. Glow-in-the-dark beads will not always match as well as the ones pictured.