Tuesday, May 09, 2006

And Then There Were None

That is the name of the show I was in this past weekend. It was a lot of fun. I truly enjoy being in shows, and I had kinda forgotten that. I'm so glad I got cast in this one, since I was getting frustrated with local community theatre and was thinking of not doing it anymore. There was a lot of "Please come out for my show!" and "You had a great audition!" followed by not being cast in the show. Very frustrating. I know I won't get cast in every show, but still. Don't beg me to audition and tell me how well I did, but not cast me. After a while it makes me cynical.
But, I had a great time with this show and I have a renewed interest in local theatre. I also was reminded that there are great friendships in theatre, and that I would miss those people terribly if I stopped being involved with shows.

Today is a good day because I have it off from work. I did have a dentist appointment this morning, which means that I'm now in a little pain, but nothing that Advil can't help. Smile In a couple of days it will not bother me at all unless I hit it with something cold - it was kinda big so will likely be sensitive for a time.

I took Jon's car in to have it looked at today - I took it someplace that does free estimates. It has been making a clunking sound when turning sharply. As it turns out, there is a broken spring. Luckily, we can have BIL fix it so it will be a LOT cheaper than having it fixed at the shop. The shop wanted over $800 to fix it!

Still no word from my doctor's office on the rest of the bloodwork that was done. They say to wait at least two weeks for all results - for me two weeks will be this Friday. I'm hoping to get a call soon about the rest of the results.

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