Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Just a quickie post - I found some pricing information on adopting from China today.

The one agency that I'm looking at that deals almost exclusively with China lists the cost as approximately $15,000.  Naturally, that does not include travel or other incidentals - just the adoption process itself.  But it is $3,500 cheaper than Russia, so it might be more of an option for us at this time.

A cursory search for travel costs lists Detroit to Beijing as being about $3,000 for the two of us (close to $1500 each, but still at least $1000 cheaper than 2 trips to Russia at $1000 each per trip).  Only one trip is required, which will be a big savings as well.  However, the trip does have to be somewhat long - about three weeks.  Luckily the "gotcha day" would be a little less than a week into the trip, so we would have our child with us for the majority of the time we are in China.

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