Friday, July 29, 2005

Weights and Measures

My own, I mean. Today I will buy a tennis raquet and a few tennis balls, and I will start playing tennis again. Jon says that he "can't move fast enough" to play with me, the dork. But two people that I work with are willing to play, so I will have people to play with. Maybe we'll even get more people interested and then we'll all have more options about when and how often to play.

Today's weight was 234. I've been hovering around 234 for about 6 months now. It's not too bad, since at one point I was up to 250. But I want to get down to less than 200. I'm working my "weigh" there, in 10 pound increments. I can't "weight" until my short term goal is set at 1-something instead of 2-something.
Measurements: I guess I can at least say I'm still proportional; my waist is smaller than my hips & bust.
Bust: 50
Waist: 46
Hips: 50
Arms: L-15.5, R-14.75
Thighs: L-28.5, R-27.5

There are two different ways to measure for a bra. One says that I should be wearing a 44D, the other says 42H. What I am wearing: 38DDD (same as 38F). Maybe I'll try a 40DDD and see how well it fits. I'm wary of going up a band size because I hate the feeling that my boobs are leaking out underneath my bra. But it has been several years (and about 30 pounds) since I tried a bigger band, so there's a good chance that I won't leak out of a 40 or even a 42. First things first: see if I can find an affordable bra in that size to try.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Too long between email sessions....

So I discovered today that it had been WAY TOO LONG since I'd been into my email. I had over 300 messages in my inbox, and over 4000 in my junk box! Thank God the weather is much cooler today than it has been - I have been online for over two hours just wading through the messages in the inbox. I hope there is nothing important in the junk box, because there is just NO WAY I am going to wade through that as well.

Not much going on around here. I made a new website for the baby I lost - the link to it is under one of my TTC after Loss blinkies in my FF siggy. There's not much to it though - it is through a site for memorial websites, but they are geared towards people who lived (outside the womb) before they died. There are spots for others to comment on how this person touched their lives, and for photos, and things along that line. I did put some things in, like a timeline, but I haven't put the u/s photo I have up yet.
I finished my first round of Clomid - "good" BD timing but still no pregnancy. It's okay though. I have a sense of peace over it all, and I have good feelings that this dosage of Clomid will work, within the 6 month timeframe my doc set out. I am hoping that this month will be our month! If not, we have a month to save up for monitoring during the final round of Clomid. If we do not get pg on this, my doc will refer me to someone else who will prescribe Femara. He isn't comfortable prescribing it yet, but has colleages who will and has no problem referring patients out. The last time I saw him, he said, "There are doctors out there who know more than me." I thought it was a great thing for a doctor to say.

I've been reading up a storm this summer - I've probably read about 30 books since the middle of June. It's been great - I love to read and had actually forgotten the joy of going to the library for a stack of books. Now I try to get to the library at least once a week, and check out a number of books on only a few different things. I enjoy reading Fantasy novels, and have checked out books of poetry, some general fiction, and a couple of crochet/knitting pattern books. I also checked out Taking Charge of Your Fertility, and while I found it interesting, I didn't really get much more out of it than I had already gotten from FF. The only real new information to me from the book was the different types of CM - FF just has a few, and TCOYF has about three different categories in each type that FF lists. I don't think I'll buy the book (it had been on a wish list in the past) but I will probably check it out again and re-read it to see if I change my mind again.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My Arwen Died

Arwen was my guinea pig. She was sweet and kinda cuddly, very jumpy and squeeked a lot (we often called her "Squeeky" because she was so noisy). But she died on Monday. She was two and a half.

She died because she was in the sun for too long on a hot day. Jon wanted to set off bug bombs in the house, so we put her in her cage (an aquarium) outside in the shade. Unfortunately, the shade moved faster than we thought it would, and by the time Jon came home to check on everything Arwen was in full sun and she was not moving. He moved her cage right away to the opposite side of the house (where the shade now was) and checked her water bottle (it was full) and gave her a light mist from the hose to help cool her. He said she moved a little when he misted her with the hose, but by the time I got home from work she was gone.

Jon feels really bad because the whole bug-bomb thing was his idea, and he came up with where would be the best place for Arwen's cage outside, and all of that. Plus he never really liked having her around, because she was noisy and sometimes stinky (but the stinky part was my fault - I wasn't as good about cleaning as I should have been).
Honestly though, I am not mad at him, or upset or pissed or any of it. I am disappointed that she died, but I do not blame Jon for it. It was an accident. He did not set out to kill her (actually, he knew that I had talked to someone about giving her a new home) and I had thought that the shade would stay on that side of the house longer as well.

We buried her yesterday, and I am throwing away or giving away all of her things. Basically, if it still looks new or nearly new, I'm giving it away, and if it is obviously used I am throwing it away. I still have to figure out what to do with the food and bedding I still have left - about half a bag of food and over half a bag of bedding - and that was a massive bag of bedding. I work with someone who has guinea pigs of her own, so I will probably see if she wants the food and bedding.

We're not going to get another guinea pig (it would be silly since we were planning to get rid of this one). What we are going to do instead is set up a large aquarium to hold Oscars and other big fish. Aquariums are nice, and it will be nice to have a big one instead of a tiny one for a change.