Friday, June 22, 2007

Updating a bit

I'm a little behind with this update, but here it is in all its gory glory.

I met my new doctor, Dr. Fuller, on June 1, 2007.
I like my new doctor. She is an ob/gyn - this is the first time I've ever had a female doctor. It's a little strange, but in a good way if that makes any sense.
She wants me to take a couple of months and try to lose some more weight. No big shock there - if you're as heavy as I am every doctor you see wants you to lose weight. She also has me on Prometrium during the second half of my cycle now. That will keep me from having the marathon cycles. Whether I ovulate or not, I'll be having a more regular cycle.
I started the Prometrium right after my appointment, and was on it for 10 days. No side effects, but that was a very HEAVY period after my last dose of Prometrium!! I wasn't surprised by it - after all, my last prior one was back in January - but it was rather inconvenient since it was the worst on the day of my BIL's wedding. I hope and pray that future AFs are not that heavy.
In August or September, I'll start on Clomid and Metformin again. The Met will help with my Insulin Resistance (thankfully I'm only slightly IR), and the Clomid will help me to ovulate. I'm pretty sure that I'll still be on the Prometrium during the second half of the cycle, although I have to double check on that.

I will be having an endometrial biopsy on July 13th. I actually have to call to make sure about that, since now that I have an idea of when AF will show up, I might have to change that appointment. When I made the appt, I got the impression that if possible there was a certain time within the cycle that they prefer to do it. At that time I had no idea when my next period would show. Now that I'm on the Prometrium, I can at least narrow it down to within a few days of the end of that last dose - which actually has me starting right around the day that my biopsy is scheduled for. Probably not what they want. I'm guessing they'd rather I was in for that before I stop the Prometrium.

I am a little worried about having to possibly reschedule - this appointment that I have on July 13th was their first available appt way back on June 1st. I'm hoping that if I do have to reschedule, I won't have to wait another 6 weeks for it! When I call for that, I will also make my August/September appt. Might as well take care of both appts at once.