Monday, November 08, 2010

Thinking About The Grocery Game

I have heard many people commenting on the Grocery Game, mostly saying how much they love it.  So I decided to look into it, and discovered quite quickly that it is not for me - at least, not until I have more money to spend.  How's that for a paradox?  Something that is supposed to help you save money on your groceries is something that is (at this time) prohibitively expensive for me.  I'm all about saving money, and the Grocery Game is supposed to help me do so.  However, after a free four-week trial, I'm expected to pay $10+ every 8 weeks for this service.  Which, granted, isn't much.  But from everything I hear and read about the Grocery Game, I can save myself the money and do what I've always done - check the sales ads myself and clip the coupons I get in the mail and in the Sunday paper.  The only thing I cannot do is print out internet coupons (we discovered that the coupon printer we had to download and install and that is required to print out online coupons was also installing spyware on our computer).  Honestly, though, missing out on online coupons does not bother me, since 90% of the ones I would use are the exact same ones that come in the Sunday paper.  I don't purchase enough of any one thing to need multiple coupons for it, so missing out on a duplicate is not the end of the world.