Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Adopt Me, Baby!!

So about adoption. The more I think about it, the more I'm feeling as if that is the way to go for us at this point in our lives. I am not giving up on the possibility of a biological child, but I am giving up on the stress and strain of trying so hard to make it happen. I have an awesome clinic with great doctors & nurses, and I still want to complete the testing to find out what exactly is wrong - why we have had so much trouble - but since it is so far away from us, and I do work odd hours, it would be very difficult for us to actually pursue treatment through that clinic at this time. There are so many roadblocks being put up along this path right now - I just feel as if God is telling us to go a different route to create our family.

I've now scooted around on two separate websites and requested information from both. Aside from a lot of browsing of things I've already seen on their sites, I can't do much else besides wait now. After bills are paid this paycheck, I'll have to see if there is enough left over to buy ink for the printer so I can print some things out - there are a few preliminary forms for one of the sites that do not obligate you, but they do get your foot in the door should you choose to adopt through them. Both agencies I am looking at deal in international adoptions - one exclusively with China and the other with several countries.

Jon's biggest thing right now is funding - he feels that you have to have a lot of money to adopt and Lord knows we don't have a lot of money. He has a good point - with all of the travel involved, plus the start-up costs of bringing a child into our home (crib or bed, other needed furniture, clothes, toys, etc) - money will be very tight. However, I think we can do it. I will be asking at work about possible help with adoption funding (some employers do it - and I won't know unless I ask), plus once we've gotten some of the paperwork complete there are grants we can apply for, plus - unknown to Jon because I want to surprise him with it - I'm putting some money into savings on the sly - $30 a month isn't much, but it's something and every little bit helps.

I have opened an account on eBay, and once I get enough feedback (you need at least 10, it's a very new account and I only have 3 so far) I will begin to sell some things there - all of the money I get from eBay sales will go towards our adoption fund. This will have the added bonus of getting rid of some of the clutter in our house as well!


Above the squiggly is what I started on last night before work (saved as a draft). Now I have even more to report. I spoke with Jon about saving some money towards adoption, and he was all for it. This to me is a huge sign that adoption is the way to go for us. The more I research it; the more I think about it; everything seems to be pointing me in that direction. I have had adoption in the back of my mind for years as something we would do in the future. Now it seems that adoption is something we're going to do starting right now!

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Dandurands' said...

Awesome news that all seems to be falling in place for this new direction for you. My prayer is that God will see you through it & through him all things are possible. Adoption is a wonderful choice. Something that I have thought about so much myself, even sending off for a few agencies info. I just need to get my DH to believe me that it can be done financially for us too.