Monday, September 22, 2008

Mystery Stole, Part Two

Here is my completed Part Two of MS4:

After finishing this and having to stop halfway across a row to take the picture (I did the same thing with part one), I was frustrated enough to purchase a 29" long circular to work this project on. Now I can spread it all out on one needle to take my pictures.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mystery Stole, Part One

I'm working on the Mystery Stole (hereafter referred to as MS4) on Ravelry. It is a neat idea where the designer releases a brand-new pattern in stages to everyone who signs up for the group in time. MS4 is worked from the ends towards the middle and has six parts, five that are duplicated (both ends) and one center motif. The two pieces are then grafted together to make one beautiful stole. It is beaded, and the beads are an integral part of the design.

Here is my completed Part One:

{Note: I am thinking of merging my photo blog with this one. Neither gets updated as often as I'd like, and since there is usually a blogable story to go with each photo, I might as well keep them together.}