Tuesday, August 09, 2005

As Easy as Falling off a Ladder

Yesterday at work I fell off of a ladder. Let me tell you, that sucked big time.

I was getting empty propane tanks for gas grills off a high shelf to put on lower shelves so customers could reach them. I was coming down the ladder with a box in my hand (something I've done hundreds of times before) and suddenly, I was on the floor and my left ankle was killing me. My foot had rolled under as it hit the floor, and my weight coming off the ladder plus the weight of the tank I was carrying (approx 10 lbs) made it much worse than any ankle roll I've ever had before. I wanted to cry, it hurt so bad. Luckily, someone (a co-worker) saw me fall and he knew what to do (who to call, etc).
After about half an hour of my foot being propped up and having ice on it, I decided that I should probably get it looked at. So off I went to Urgent Care to pee in a cup (drug test) and have them poke and prod and X-ray and tell me I've got a sprain. Not even a really bad sprain, just a painful one. I got to go home three hours early - that was nice in a way but I'll miss that money come payday.
The doctor said that I should be fine by the time I need to go back to work on Thursday (lucky I got Tues & Wed off). I don't know about that so much, but it does feel a little better today than yesterday - or it did until I spent all day having to walk around on it. Tried crutches for a while yesterday; those didn't last long since they pinched my arms and made my hands dirty and sore. The doctor didn't say I had to use them anyway - just said to stay off of it, so I figure it's no biggie if I don't use them.
I'll just have to see how it goes tomorrow. I don't have much planned, so I will most likely spend most of the day in the company of icepacks and pillows trying to make sure that the swelling and pain stays down.