Thursday, June 08, 2006

Today's doctor's appt.

I went to the doctor today about my hand. He did a few preliminary tests, and said that he thinks that I may be developing carpal tunnel. Doggone it. Angry I don't have enough going on medically, I had to go and develop carpal tunnel, too?
They're setting me up an appointment to get nerve testing done. Until then (and until I get the results) I've got a prescription for Naprosyn (?) and a brace. Razz What a pain. (pun intended)

I asked him about my thyroid results - he said that he's pretty sure something is going on there because I'm just below borderline... so I've got a standing order to have the test repeated every three months, starting the end of July (because my previous test was the end of April). He said quote: "We're going to catch us a thyroid." He also said that often carpal tunnel goes hand-in-hand with thyroid problems. Very interesting.

I asked about the RE referral, and he had no problem doing it. He also wondered though if the insurance wasn't being too picky, because for women, an ob/gyn is another pcp. If you need a pcp referral, one from the ob/gyn should be sufficient. I told him I wasn't sure, but I wanted to get my bases covered and he said it was fine, and the nurse entered it in the computer for me. Smile
The only thing I forgot to ask him about was this marathon cycle I'm on. I'm so annoyed at myself for that. Banging Head I was hoping to get started on a new cycle BEFORE I go see the RE. Now I'll have to wait until after, unless of course AF shows on her own. My prediction: AF will show on July 10th (my appt is July 11th). At this point, I'm praying AF either shows soon (within the next 2 weeks) or holds off until after the appt. It will just be easier all around.

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