Monday, December 13, 2004

Two more days....

Well, it's actually three. My test day is actually Thursday, but I'm planning to test on Wednesday morning with FMU if I don't have AF by then. My chart is looking really good and while I don't have much hope thanks to our crummy BD timing, I know that a test on Wednesday morning should be fairly accurate.

I've got this huge dip on 9 dpo that is something of an anomoly for me. My temp usually fluctuates a bit during the 2ww, but I have never had such a strong drop that lasted only a single day. What's also strange about it is originally I entered it as 97.8, which is what I thought I saw on the thermometer (through blurry eyes at 8am). The next day when I temped, I saw that the previous day's temp was not 97.8, but 97.3! It's easier to see the previous day's temp because the thermometer lights up when I first turn it on, but the light does not stay on nor does it come back on until the next day when I turn it on again. So, since the temp was different and easily explained as to why I would have read it wrong, I changed it.

Well, I'd better get back to making Christmas presents. I need to find out just what we've already got, so I can try to find a way to get the ones we still need. It's going to be tricky, but I'm sure we'll find a way somehow.

DH is complaining now because I typed that whole last paragraph without even looking at the computer screen, let alone the keyboard (I was looking at him because he was talking to me). First he flicked me off, then called me a showoff... I just think it's funny.

Anyway, back to the presents!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Jon's Car

Poor Jon. He's got a love-affair with his car. Sometimes I think he loves the car more than he loves me (okay, I'm just kidding - but he really is obsessive about that car). Well, on Saturday, someone decided that it was a little too pretty and decided that a car that is 10 years old should look a little less nice.
The car was parked on a street in Midland, outside a friend's house. Jon, Brian (his brother) and Nick (the friend) were in Saginaw at the mall, doing some Christmas shopping, when Nick's girlfriend called. "Somebody just hit Jon's car." Jon talked to the police on the cell phone, and the officer agreed to wait around if Jon would come back. So, the guys all came back from Saginaw and had a chat with the policeman and checked out the damage on the car.
The woman (who did stop and wait for the police to arrive but had left by the time Jon got there), had been speeding (approx 45mph in a 25mph zone) and said that she never saw Jon's car until she hit it. I'm wondering how it's possible to not see a parked car half a block away while you speed up, but that's just me. She was also possibly impaired (drugs or alcohol) or she could have just been very distracted - she had three kids in the car. Nick's girlfriend (who talked to the woman) said that she seemed to be on something.

We talked to our insurance company and they told us to get an estimate. The first place Jon took the car wouldn't even look at it!! The guy kinda glanced at it and said, "There's too much damage, we can't fix that," and just left it at that. And that was a dealership! So we're thinking that we are going to have to total it out. But, after talking to the insurance company again, they said that they don't deal with the place Jon took it to originally and to take it somewhere else. So that's what we're going to to tomorrow. Even if the insurance decides to total the car, they still need an estimate of how much it would cost to fix it. So tomorrow I get to carefully drive the damaged car across town to the place for the estimate, and then take it to work. Basically I just have to pray that the car doesn't break further since we're pretty sure there's something wrong in the axel now (it clunks really bad when turning).

That's it for now!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Exhausting but Fun

Well, tonight is Opening Night for our show, "Oliver!". Last night went okay, but it wasn't a preview performance like we expected it to be. It was supposed to be a performance for some public school kids, and school was cancelled yesterday! So no performance, just a dress rehearsal.
It's going well. I'm really tired because it is a lot of work to put a show together. And, it takes a lot of time out of my life as well. But it's okay. I enjoy doing it, and it's a good distraction from this whole TTC business.
Today I'm hoping to make some Banana Bread to take to the theatre for everyone to snack on. It's odd timing, a little too early to eat dinner (and I at least wouldn't want a full meal on my stomach right before I perform) but we get very hungry by the end of it. I'm going to go ahead and cut the bread before leaving home, so the peices are small and manageable and less likely to get on the costumes (we're not supposed to eat in costume, either).
Off to bake!