Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm a person too, dammit!!

I work at Wal-Mart, and I know that not everyone who shops there is going to be polite or nice. But they can at least treat me like a human being!!

We have a fence made of cinder blocks and timber railings to block off our outside area for the garden center. We pull out enough rails and blocks to allow for one car to get through into the area at a time, but not two. We do that on purpose, so people have to slow down to drive through there (there are too many people, customers and associates, walking around there at any one time to leave it wide open as a throughfare). Yesterday, this guy hit part of the fence with his truck, breaking one of the blocks and scratching the side of his truck. He didn't say a word about it until after I had loaded his truck with the mulch he bought (25 bags - I'm building muscles with this job!). Then he asked me what I was going to do about the damage to the truck. I politely told him that I couldn't do anything, because he was the one to hit it; we did nothing to cause the scratch to his truck. He demanded to talk to a manager about it. When I went inside to page the manager, he stood inside the door, grumbling. I found out later that he had also been grouchy to the cashier inside. Hmph
The manager arrived, and went outside with the customer to survey the damage. A few minutes later the manager came back in (looking really annoyed) and the customer left. When I talked to the manager later in the day, he said that the guy had been really nice and polite, and had even admitted that it was all his fault for hitting the fence! Shocked What? Suddenly because you've got a manager you're going to be polite? What's up with that?

It just burns me up that people are nasty to those of us who are the "pee-ons" in life: retail clerks, fast-food workers, etc. It's as if our not having a regular 9-5 office job makes us less of a person. Well screw that - I'm a person, too. Just because I make less money doesn't mean I deserve less respect, and I wish more people would realize that!

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