Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Crazy Weekend

My weekend was fun, but super hectic. I don't think I want to do one like that again for quite a long while.

The good part was, my friends were here to visit. It was nice to have a girls' weekend, and really nice just to see my friends. We were even able to spend time with my sister for awhile. We went to see Sue the T-Rex, which is a travelling exhibit sponsored by the Field Museum in Chicago. We'd seen Sue before, but it was neat to see her in this different environment. Haleigh wasn't too sure about the dinosaur skeletons (they were awfully large, and one looks like it might be coming straight at you as you walk in), but she had a blast with all of the hands-on stuff that was there to do. Things to play with, things to smell and move and do - it was neat watching her with all of it. I'd love to take her back sometime when she's older and can appreciate it even more. The photo is of her working a wood press.

The bad part was, I still had to work all weekend. I was at work when my friends arrived, I had to work Saturday night, and I had to work Sunday as well. I feel as if they kinda wasted the trip, because I wasn't able to spend as much time with them as I would have liked. And then there was the issue of the kitten.

Sunday morning, after staying up quite late, I was awoken by one of my friends coming into my room and asking if I knew that there were kittens outside my front window. I said that I didn't know, but I wouldn't be surprised. We looked outside and I couldn't see the nest of kittens, but we did see a couple of adult cats hovering around, so we went back inside. The mewling stopped for awhile, then started up again, then stopped again, then started again - for about an hour. We figured that we had spooked the mother and she was moving the kittens. After a time, we didn't hear it anymore so figured they were all moved. Later that day, I was taking a bag of trash out when I heard a faint mewling cry - there was still one kitten under the bushes. The discovery of the kitten caused a bit of a ruckus, since one friend decided to take it with her. The entire issue was a real problem because it made the one person a bit tense, and she snapped at Haleigh. Any parent knows that someone else snapping at your child - especially when they're not really doing anything wrong - is going to piss you off. This made things a little tense between them, and caused them to leave early as well. It wasn't the best ending to the weekend.

Doctor's Appt #1

Well, I was right. My doctor told me to stop drinking so much pop. What surprised me was something else he said. He said I might not have PCOS! I was so shocked to hear that. But I was telling him that my diagnosis was made by u/s, and he started shaking his head. He said that doctors NEVER make diagnosis of PCOS by u/s anymore! And, since the only thing I've been treated for since getting the PCOS diagnosis is PCOS, and no other tests have been done to see what else might be going on - it's entirely possible I've spent 5 years being treated for a syndrome that I don't even have! Talk about annoying.

So now I've got a lab slip to have all kinds of bloodwork done. Since my pap is tomorrow, my doc told me to take the labwork sheet to my gyn to see if he wants to add anything to it. Then, I'll go and have the labwork done Friday morning.