Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Doctor's Appt #1

Well, I was right. My doctor told me to stop drinking so much pop. What surprised me was something else he said. He said I might not have PCOS! I was so shocked to hear that. But I was telling him that my diagnosis was made by u/s, and he started shaking his head. He said that doctors NEVER make diagnosis of PCOS by u/s anymore! And, since the only thing I've been treated for since getting the PCOS diagnosis is PCOS, and no other tests have been done to see what else might be going on - it's entirely possible I've spent 5 years being treated for a syndrome that I don't even have! Talk about annoying.

So now I've got a lab slip to have all kinds of bloodwork done. Since my pap is tomorrow, my doc told me to take the labwork sheet to my gyn to see if he wants to add anything to it. Then, I'll go and have the labwork done Friday morning.

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