Monday, October 25, 2004


My baby sister is in trouble with the law. It's her own fault, but I think they're going a bit overboard I think. She wrote a bad check (she didn't know it would bounce) and put off taking care of it after she was informed of it. Then, she got a letter saying that she had to take care of it or risk being arrested. She just didn't have the money to take care of it. Now, a warrant has been issued for her arrest and she can't afford bond (it's been set at $1000 according to the letter she was sent telling her the warrant had been issued). And to top it off, apparently the check she wrote to pay for the renewal of her vehicle registration also bounced, and her license plate has been suspended. So she's now driving illegally.
She is supposed to go to Georgia on Thursday to look at a college she hopes to go to. Does anyone know, is it illegal for her to leave the state? I can't seem to find out, I've been looking on the internet and can't seem to get any information. I am finding plenty on restrictions placed on the arrestors, but none on the arrestees. She's not fleeing the arrest, she's just going for the weekend.

Now, not stressful for me but any prayers you may want to offer would be appreciated.... my Chiropractor's house burned down on Friday afternoon. He's got insurance, but the family lost EVERYTHING. The house and garage were a total loss. They consider themselves lucky that it was during the day when nobody was home, since that means that everyone was safe elsewhere. I'm posting a link to the news article from the local paper, I hope it works. You may have to register with the paper to read the article, I don't remember. This is the wonderful person who is footing the bill to take my sister to Georgia this weekend. He also has paid her application fee to this college, and I believe he's pulling some strings with the college she flunked out of to get her transcripts so she can transfer some credits to the new school. This is a really wonderful family and it's very tragic that it has happened to them.

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