Sunday, October 24, 2004

Just a short one to prove how dumb I still am when it comes to blogging....

I want to put links on my blog, too! I've read my friends' blogs, and they all seem to have a section on the side where they have links posted - links to other blogs, links to FF and/or their chart, links! But I can't seem to find where that option is. I'm such a doofus with this stuff. Maybe it's because I don't have my blog as "public" - which is because I don't want it to be found by a certain someone I know IRL.
If any of my readers (not that I think I have many) knows what I can do to get links, please let me know!!
That's it for now, though I will be back later. I just need to get dressed and get some food (okay, I don't NEED the food; I'm not about to waste away or anything) and I'll be back after eating.

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Dandurands' said...

< li > here type the name you want seen on your blog page < /li >

Sara, this is the code that should be entered in your template under the section titled sidebar. I added spaces to it here, there should not be any spaces.

Hope that makes sense. Do not feel bad I am still learning too. It is kinda fun. I see you figured out the emotion icon too!