Monday, October 18, 2004

Temping and such...

Well, AF has acted like... AF. Really, really heavy the first 2 1/2 days (a super-plus tampon lasted me 2 hours if I was lucky). But then, day 3, very light!! Light enough that I just had some spotting on a regular tampon after over 4 hours, so I decided it would be okay to BD. Afterward there was a bit of bleeding again, but overnight I didn't fill even half of a regular tampon, so I'm counting AF as pretty much done.

Last cycle I tried temping vaginally. It was awkward, and I truly did not notice any difference in the stability of my temperatures. It didn't help much that I missed temping several times because of getting up early (I never temp earlier than my normal time) or not being at home (I wasn't about to explain why I was sticking a thermometer there!). So, I washed my thermometer really good in hot, soapy water and gave it a good rinse in rubbing alcohol. And it's back to oral temping for me.

I'm starting Clomid today. This cycle it will be on CDs 4-8 instead of 5-9. I wanted it to be days 3-7, but we didn't have the chance to pick it up yesterday so 4-8 will have to do. I hope taking it earlier helps me to O faster. This time I was still rather late O-ing and much as Jon & I love each other, BD gets tiring when it's something we have to do that often as opposed to something we want to do that often. I'm sure you understand the difference.

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Dandurands' said...

Sara - I so relate to the having to bd rather than wanting to. Hope the earlier clomid days work for Oing sooner. Last cycle I took mine cd4-8 & I think it helped.