Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Seeking Sara Summers

Seeking Sara Summers Seeking Sara Summers by Susan Gabriel

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Overall, I found this to be an enjoyable book. There were several distracting instances where apostrophes were misused, and a couple of times where homonyms were mixed up, but they did not do much to detract from the story as a whole and I was able to get past them fairly quickly.

Part of what drew me to this story was the title. I am always happy to find characters with my name, spelled the way I spell it. Characters named Sarah are very common, those named Sara are hard to find. To have nothing else in common with the character is irrelevant to me - I'll read almost any book with a main character named Sara.

I do think that the jacket description gives away a little too much of the plot, which made the story itself rather predictable. Sara needs to discover who she is before she can decide what she wants, and this is Sara's journey of self-discovery. However, Sara's ultimate decision about her life, as well as her husband's revelation in the second-to-last chapter, are left as mysteries until the very end - something I really enjoyed. Keeping those two secrets until the last few pages of the book is a great way to end things.

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Perchancetodream said...

I haven't read this but you make me want to seek it out.

Although, like you, I HATE finding editorial mistakes in books. Don't these publishers have proofreaders? :-)

Here from Blogger Bingo by the way!

Anonymous said...

i'm here from blogger bingo, too!

and i have to say, i would read any book that has a main character with the same name as mine. it never happens.