Saturday, June 06, 2009

Aaron & Laura's Wedding

Today was a good day. My youngest brother-in-law, Aaron, got married to his longtime girlfriend, Laura. No confusion intended, but Jon now has two sisters-in-law named Laura. They got married in an historic church - it's small but nice and there are a lot of interesting things there, including an antique piano that I loved (it wasn't used in the ceremony).
I have no photos from during the ceremony because I was holding a sleeping baby, our nephew J. It was his first birthday and he was so excited about the wedding that he slept through the entire thing.

Aaron, the groom.

Aaron with his best man, Jeff.

Aaron with his parents, Joy and Jim.

Groomsmen watching the professional photographer take pictures of Aaron.
From left: Jeremy, Brian, Jeff, and Jon.

Decorations on the pews. Note the portraits on the wall - those are people who helped to preserve the history of the area and the buildings.

Their individual & unity candles.

Jon says, "Enjoy the Golden Shackle." Ha, ha. Very funny.

The Cake
Aaron & Laura cutting the cake together.

And the traditional smooshing of the cake into the face of your beloved. The little girl wearing a white dress and a tiara on the right is Laura's niece and the flower girl.

H with her Uncle Jon outside at the reception.

Aaron dancing with his mother - too bad she chose that moment to look away!

H dancing with the bride & groom.

Aaron dancing with H during the Dollar Dance. This is a definite improvement over Brian & Crystal's wedding two years ago, when she thought that she was paying to dance with another child that was there instead of dancing with the groom.

Laura & Dennis sharing a joke during the Dollar Dance. When Jon & I got married, Dennis was the one who made fun of Jon because Jon kept saying that my dress was too big for him to really get close to me - Dennis proved otherwise during our Dollar Dance.

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