Friday, March 25, 2005

This & That

Today was a pretty good day. Much better than yesterday. Although yesterday did have its moments as well.

Like that feeling of freedom you get when you pay off a debt. It was a wonderful feeling to hand over that check and have that debt taken care of, even though I had to go into debt to someone else to pay it off, and even though I was being called a shitty friend at the time.

Which did kinda hurt. I know that I am not a shitty friend. I am a slow-communicating friend at times, yes. And a poor friend, with little money for visiting. Desire does nothing to put gas in the tank or food on the table. So if someone offers to give me money for gas if I'll come see them, sure, I'll go. Am I likely to go on my own? Probably not. Like I said, I'm poor. I work part-time (although that will hopefully soon change), and my hours at work are not steady to say the least. But I remember birthdays and anniversaries, and when invited I make an attempt to go. A shitty friend I am not, and I know it. But it still stings to be called one.

Today was a great day though. I slept a little later than I had planned to, but I got up and got dressed and didn't do much. I played with my birthday present from my loving hubby (Sims 2 University) while cleaning in the kitchen some. I worked on an afghan that I am hoping to finish by the end of April. Then I went to work. Work was actually fun tonight, since I covered a different department and the change of scenery made the night go that much faster. After work I came home and talked to my sister on the phone and a good friend online. I will probably play some more of my game before going to bed so I can do it all again tomorrow.

It's not an exciting existance, but it's my life. And most of the time, it's not too bad of a life.

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Dandurands' said...

Sara - (((HUGS))) The person I have gotten to know is by no means a s****y friend. Keep your chin up. I think it is a good idea to distance yourself at least for awhile. I have learned that people seem to lash out when really they should be looking at themselves but are ashamed to admit their own problems.