Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I am so pissed off!

And here's why. I got this email today from someone who is supposedly my best friend. She mentions some things in the email that might not make sense to everyone who might read this, but some of it doesn't make sense to me!!
I'm so angry with you that I'm shaking. I cannot believe that you went to Detroit this weekend, spending money that you owe me!! Todd and I couldn't go because you owe me so much money, but you don't seem to want to pay it back that badly. And you always seem to be able to do and buy fun things. Like Valentine's day, where you told me how you went bowling and out to eat and to a movie, and got Jon an expensive gift.

Right now, I don't feel that we are friends. Friends don't do that to each other. I am going to be calling you tonight, if I don't get an email from you before. As of right now, I won't be going to your party, and I want my money back, in full, as soon as possible. I don't care at this point that you'll have to cancel cable, cell phones or anything like that. I'm so sick of you spending my money on yourself!

First of all, yes, I do owe her money. And yes, I have owed it to her for a while. But I have sent her money, within the last month no less! And the trip to Detroit was to celebrate a close friend's birthday - someone that I consider to be a BIL to me, since I consider his wife to be my sister and his daughter to be my neice. My husband & I spent very little money this weekend. We ate out once, and got gas once. Because another friend that I saw over the weekend gave me $6 that she owed me, I actually came home with the same amount of money I had when I left! That's how little we spent over the weekend.
And the Valentine's celebration that she's referring to wasn't a Valentine's thing at all. It happened to be at that time, but it was for DH's brother's SIX YEAR anniversary. They came to us so we could save on gas, and we went to a nice restaurant, and bowling, and to a movie because that is what they wanted to do for their anniversary, and they wanted us along. I truly have no idea what she's talking about when she says I bought Jon an expensive gift. I got him two gifts, the total of which was around $30. In my mind, even one gift at $30 would not be expensive, so I have no clue what she might be referring to. Can someone please define expensive for me??
And I love how she doesn't care that we would have to do without even more than we have already sacrificed by being poor. Also, I'm apparently not allowed to do or buy anything fun, no matter how small it may be. My life should be spent sitting at home doing nothing and speaking to no one except my husband, because obviously I don't deserve the luxury of a phone or internet access, let alone prescriptions or electricity or heat!
I am trying very hard not to get mad, but when someone goes on and on about how much money she herself (or her boyfriend) spends on herself, then tells me I'm not allowed to spend money on myself or my husband, and my husband is not allowed to spend money on me or himself, it just pisses me off. The hipocracy drives me crazy.

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