Sunday, January 16, 2005

Football & Window film

It's been a football day. We had to go to the store today, and even though we got up late (around noon - so nice) Jon wanted to hurry up and go so that we could get back and not miss too much of the game (Minnesota vs. Philadelphia). I have no preference, since the team I like (Green Bay) is already out of the playoffs. Jon really doesn't like either team, but he dislikes Philadelphia more so he wanted Minnesota to win. Sadly, they lost. Right now we are watching a different football game (Indianapolis vs. New England) and this time he does have a preference - he really wants Indianapolis to win. We shall see.

We have also been doing some cleaning - I cleared off the dining room table. I want to keep it cleared off, so we can eat there. I don't like our current habit of eating in the living room. Sadly, my table is already covered again!! But, it is covered with something that will soon be removed - window film. We are just now finally getting around to covering our windows with film to keep the drafts out. We covered the dining room window between football games, and we will be doing the bedroom windows at halftime. Once we're done with the windows, the stuff will be put away and my table will once again be clear.

I need to get busy scanning photos. I wanted to make this scrapbook for my mum for Mother's Day last year, but ran out of money. Then I decided it would be a Christmas present but again, no money. So it is now her birthday present but it's not done! Her birthday was last Wednesday (12th)! AAArgh! It would help a lot if I could get to our scanner a bit better. The scanner is connected to the desktop, which is in the office, and to say that the office is cluttered is being very nice. There's not even a path; you have to climb over things just to reach the desk. I've asked Jon if I couldn't move the scanner out here to do my project, but he really doesn't want me to do that. I'm still trying to wear him down on it though. We almost never use the desktop because we can't get to it very well, so why shouldn't I bring out the printer/scanner so we can get some use out of it?

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