Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday? No WAY!

I could have sworn today was Monday.  Everything was crazy at work.  From someone oversleeping and being two hours late (no, it wasn't me!) to psycho patients blaming us for their doctors' apparent inability to call and refill their prescriptions.  The person being late threw off the day more than anyone would have guessed - we usually don't get that behind when someone calls in and is gone all day.  I can understand why some patients were upset - at one point our wait time was almost three hours.  But others - well, they had no call to be upset with us.  If your doctor is holding up the process, there's nothing your pharmacy can do!  Don't blame me just because I'm the one standing in front of you.  At no point during today did we ever truly catch up on our work.  We just did the best we could and sighed with relief when it was time to close down for the day.

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