Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SaraBella Mittens

I participated in NaKniMitMo this month.  NaKniMitMo is (inter)National Knitting Mittens Month.  I have had a wonderful time and learned a new knitting technique - cables!  This was also my first pair of mittens, but I wouldn't exactly call making mittens a technique.  It's just nice to know that I can do it.  The pattern I chose is called "Bella's Mittens" and was inspired by the mittens worn by the character Bella in the movie Twilight.  I named my personal pair "SaraBella Mittens" and I love how they came out.  These have been what I call a "free project" because I did not need to buy anything to make them.  The yarn was a Christmas gift, I already had the needles, and the pattern was free.  I love free projects!

Here is a picture of my mittens in progress:

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