Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today's 5K

This morning I participated in a 5K on the campus of Central Michigan University.

Shortly after the race started - the crowd ahead of us.

Originally, I had planned to train with the C25K program and run this particular race.  As it turned out, training got sidetracked by several factors and I was not able to run.  That means I walked the race.  I did not push myself as hard as I could have, but I am told that I helped to push my friend Deanna hard enough to make her go faster than she would have on her own.  I started the race with two friends, Deanna and Adrienne.  Adrienne set her own pace that was faster than Deanna's.  Had Deanna not been there, I would have pushed myself to keep up with Adrienne.  As it turns out, Adrienne finished about 10-15 minutes earlier than Deanna and I, and we finished the race at 54 minutes, 25 seconds (or thereabouts - the time was started before we crossed the Start line, and I didn't see the clock until we had been finished for about 20 seconds, so I subtracted for the 20 seconds but not for the distance to the Start line).  Official times will be posted on Monday.

Deanna and me shortly after crossing the Finish Line!

This particular race was a Duathlon, meaning that racers had the option to do a bicycle race after finishing the 5K.  I know myself and know that I am in no way in shape for a bike race.  Additionally, my bike is in no shape for a 20 km bike race.  Maybe next year!

Relaxing after the race - Adrienne, me, and Deanna

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