Friday, April 20, 2012


I'm going to go right on the record and say that an Endometrial Biopsy is not fun.  However, sometimes it is necessary.  Today I had to have one of these biopsies to make sure that there is nothing cancerous growing inside my uterus.  The doctor is fairly certain that the result will come back negative, but this is one of those situations where one is better safe than sorry.
I also got the results from some other testing I had done - a lot of bloodwork and an ultrasound.  All came back normal, with the exception of the ultrasound showing that I have a lot of cysts on my ovaries.  This surprises nobody, least of all me.  I have PCOS, and one of the hallmarks of PCOS is multiple cysts on the ovaries.
Where we go from here depends on the results of my biopsy.  Assuming the biopsy comes back fine, we will move on to fertility treatments.  My next appointment is May 18, and we will be discussing the results of the biopsy and where we go from here at that time.

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