Monday, October 20, 2008

Not A Good Day.

It's been a hard day. It started out OK, but went downhill from there.

First, I realized that my rental movie was not only overdue, but I had not watched it yet and therefore it would either be another day overdue or I'd have to return it without watching it. I told Jon to just return it, but I just looked over there and it's still here. I'm going to pop it in when I get offline.

Then, I had to work today. That's not horrible, I just wasn't feeling it today. Yesterday was rough because not enough people were scheduled. Today was the exact same way. It's getting old.

While at work, I banged into a corner, bruising my left arm, and, about an hour later, bumped a piece of the hot fryer, burning my right arm. I now have a bright red burn in the shape of a 7.

I get home and it's raining, but we have to put the recycling out tonight because they come at around 7:30 am, which is well before my wake-up time. So I got rained on.

Then, I get online and check my email to find that I've been cut out of my brother-in-law's wedding party. Perfect. Just top off my day, why don't you? I'm not really upset about it (after all, it saves me $200 for a dress), but I am disappointed and a little hurt.

Tomorrow can only be better, right?

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