Wednesday, June 11, 2008

S is a fun letter...

I'm noticing that I can make a lot of cute logos/names with an S. Which comes in handy since my first name starts with an S. A couple of examples are Sara's Sox, which was my original idea for a business (beaded socks). Then I branched out into sewing and came up with Sara's Stitches as a business name, with Sara's Sox as a subsidiary (sounds way cool that I have a subsidiary, IMO).

The one I came up with today isn't intended as a business name per se, since I have no intent to go into photography as even a side job; it's just something I enjoy. But I wanted to have a cute name to make into my watermark for those rare times when I do take pictures for someone else, or just to make my watermark stretch further across the picture (I don't want someone to be able to easily edit it out with PhotoShop). Today's cute "S" name: Sara's Snapshots.

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