Friday, July 29, 2005

Weights and Measures

My own, I mean. Today I will buy a tennis raquet and a few tennis balls, and I will start playing tennis again. Jon says that he "can't move fast enough" to play with me, the dork. But two people that I work with are willing to play, so I will have people to play with. Maybe we'll even get more people interested and then we'll all have more options about when and how often to play.

Today's weight was 234. I've been hovering around 234 for about 6 months now. It's not too bad, since at one point I was up to 250. But I want to get down to less than 200. I'm working my "weigh" there, in 10 pound increments. I can't "weight" until my short term goal is set at 1-something instead of 2-something.
Measurements: I guess I can at least say I'm still proportional; my waist is smaller than my hips & bust.
Bust: 50
Waist: 46
Hips: 50
Arms: L-15.5, R-14.75
Thighs: L-28.5, R-27.5

There are two different ways to measure for a bra. One says that I should be wearing a 44D, the other says 42H. What I am wearing: 38DDD (same as 38F). Maybe I'll try a 40DDD and see how well it fits. I'm wary of going up a band size because I hate the feeling that my boobs are leaking out underneath my bra. But it has been several years (and about 30 pounds) since I tried a bigger band, so there's a good chance that I won't leak out of a 40 or even a 42. First things first: see if I can find an affordable bra in that size to try.

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