Friday, May 27, 2005

Two inches too small....

That is the entrance into our kitchen. It's two inches too small for the fridge to go through. Even if they would have taken the doors off, it still would have been too big to fit. Actually, I think the two inches too small was without the doors.
We got a new fridge today. The landlord decided to just get us a new one - she called at about the time she said she'd be over and asked what side the door opened on. Then said that a new one would be delivered sometime between 10 and 11 am. They showed up at 10:55, so they were on time!
The guys who delivered the new one and picked up the old one literally had to lift both fridges up over the counter to get them out and in. It was amazing to see these two guys lifting the fridge up and over our counter - which is pretty impressive considering the height of the counter at it's highest point, which of course they had to go over. Essentially, they lifted it up to about shoulder height.
Our new fridge is nice. It is very similar to the old one, but has one extra shelf in the fridge as well as movable shelves in the door. The freezer door shelves are a tad narrower than the old ones were (my ice cube tray no longer fits in the door) but the storage space itself is a bit bigger, both in the freezer and the fridge. The new one is the same height and depth as the old, but about three inches wider.
I'm just glad we were able to get it all done so quickly. Considering the fact that it's a holiday weekend, we feel very lucky that we were able to contact the landlord and that she was able to get our fridge replaced so fast.

Now to get our food back....

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