Thursday, February 10, 2005


Yesterday's post relates how I feel about some people on FF who are report-happy.

I heard some sad news on FF yesterday, that someone who was a member of FF unexpectedly died, leaving behind a sweet DH and 8-month-old daughter. I went and found the thread her husband had started and left a post expressing my condolences, knowing that someone is collecting all of the well-wishes into a scrapbook for the husband & daughter.
Well, that post got reported!! Somebody was hunting through my signature looking for something to report. It's the only way possible, because what was reported was a hidden link to the blinkie site that I get my blinkie calendar from. Nowhere does the calendar indicate that it is a link. You have to be looking for it to find it.
I was very upset. I leave the safety of my Buddy Groups to post condolences for someone, and it costs me not only being reported, but my signature got erased as well. I have to rebuild my signature, and I had to contact the FF community manager to find out just what was wrong with my signature in the first place, since the two PMs I received said nothing about what I did wrong (neither mentioned anything about links). It was very frustrating and hurtful to me that I did something nice for someone and got reported for it.

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Dandurands' said...

OMG Sara, So sorry you were hit by the rudeness often found on FF lately. That is the reason I hardly ever leave the safety of my buddy groups. I wouldn't worry about being reported if FF admin didn't say anything.

So sorry to hear about this poor family who suddenly lost a wife/mother.