Thursday, February 17, 2005


I'm going to have company this weekend. My "sister" and her hubby & daughter are coming, as well as another good friend, to spend the weekend. I haven't seen any of them since November or before, so I'm geeked to get to see them.
Also, I am so happy that NASCAR season is here again!! Yay! I hope Rusty Wallace does really well this year. He's my favorite driver, but this is his last year racing so I hope he is able to go out with a great season. I asked Jon for a "Rusty's Last Call" coat for my birthday this year.
Another reason to be excited: I'm going to Wisconsin for my birthday!! Finally, Kelsy and I will be able to celebrate our birthday together! I've only been wanting to do this for 16 years (she's turning 16 this year).

Well, gotta go work on cleaning. My house is NOT currently ready for a 16-month-old to invade!

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Dandurands' said...

Just checking for updates 7 details from your little birthday trip!
Know you have not been feling all to well. Hope you are resting & getting some energy back.