Thursday, December 02, 2004

Exhausting but Fun

Well, tonight is Opening Night for our show, "Oliver!". Last night went okay, but it wasn't a preview performance like we expected it to be. It was supposed to be a performance for some public school kids, and school was cancelled yesterday! So no performance, just a dress rehearsal.
It's going well. I'm really tired because it is a lot of work to put a show together. And, it takes a lot of time out of my life as well. But it's okay. I enjoy doing it, and it's a good distraction from this whole TTC business.
Today I'm hoping to make some Banana Bread to take to the theatre for everyone to snack on. It's odd timing, a little too early to eat dinner (and I at least wouldn't want a full meal on my stomach right before I perform) but we get very hungry by the end of it. I'm going to go ahead and cut the bread before leaving home, so the peices are small and manageable and less likely to get on the costumes (we're not supposed to eat in costume, either).
Off to bake!

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