Sunday, January 08, 2012

Not Loving This Body

I joined a healthy eating and getting fit challenge for January.  It's kicking my butt!  But I suppose that is the whole point.
The food part is hard because healthy whole foods are expensive.  I can make four meals on one package of hot dogs and four boxes of generic mac-n-cheese for less than $10.  I can't make even one meal using exclusively whole grains/produce/organic on $10.  When my grocery budget averages around $40 for two weeks - it's hard to justify those healthier choices.
I once heard someone say, "Just get produce instead of ice cream or other sweets!" - but when ice cream and those other sweets are just as rare in your house as the produce, that is not really a feasible response.

At least I'm doing well with the workout portion.  I rented a walking workout DVD and one of the Just Dance games for Wii and am having fun with those.  They aren't too hard for my out-of-shape self which is a big plus.  It is very frustrating as an obese person trying to get in shape to have a "beginner" video show only thin people and use almost exclusively high-impact activities.  Those of us who are obese need to start slow because it is harder for us to move.  We can't just jump in to a high aerobic activity and keep up.

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ChaosMandy said...

I like the workout games a lot. I think once I beat this stupid cold I'm going to try and play a Kinect game for at least 30 minutes a day