Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Literally and figuratively.

The literal headache: I've had a headache that ranges anywhere from the moderate to severe range ever since my accident. Ibuprofen helps, but only a little. I'm also frequently dizzy as well as very unsure of where my feet are, which means that I move very slowly in an effort to stay upright. The pain in my neck and back is not what's keeping me from getting about well.

My doctor wants a CAT scan done, and it has taken seven days and miles of red tape to get it approved and scheduled. What a pain!! The only upside I can see of this portion of the ordeal is that I now know how to forward my calls from the house phone to my cell phone. I have done that quite frequently over the last week, although it appears that the one time I did not do it is the time that my doctor's office finally called - I missed an appointment this morning and had to reschedule for tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the car accident means that this cycle is a wash as far as TTC is concerned. The accident happened on CD11 during a cycle when I took 200mg Clomid from CD4-8. I have not been temping regularly at all since the accident, but I'm pretty sure that I have ovulated by now. This was my second of only three chances on this dose of Clomid before being sent to a specialist.

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Robyn W Privette said...

Hi (: It's Robyn from Frogs!! Headaches getting any better? I'll be sure to say a prayer for you (: